“Women of Trip Hop” August update: Red Flower Lake, Shreya Rai, Amélie Swann

Red Flower Lake, the musical partnership between wife/husband duo Rahimah and Abel Wright, make lush heady sensual electro pop that is thoughtful and atmospheric.  On their new single, “Heart Like Gold,” singer Rahimah delivers an intimate inspiring vocal performance.   She is sexy and empowering when she asks, “What scares you out, loving like a warrior,  loving like a friend?”  The couple admits that “Heart Like Gold” is about asking ourselves to look toward our own heart, trusting that any shame, guilt, fear, etc, we have experienced has been based out of a need for survival. Perhaps our patterns, reactions, and/or past experiences are not things we need to be afraid to look at. Perhaps seeing ourselves – especially when we look all the way in – is something to celebrate.”

  The music is cinematic, futuristic, and sexy.  Red Flower Lake cross up genres and employ both sampling and instrumentation similar to trip hop heavyweights Thievery Corporation.  Producer Abel drips a solo violin in and out of the track, over deep atmosphere, sub bass, and a downtempo beat.  

  Rahimah has an ASMR quality to her voice.  Her delivery on this single is both powerful and soft, like she is whispering in your ear, a style made mainstream by Billie Eillish.  A deeper look into Red Flower Lake’s catalog it’s impossible not to notice how versatile Rahimah is, there are a lot of interesting levels to her voice. She is very stylistic and aesthetic, but also has a great feel for melody.  

  Hear “Heart Like Gold” now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.  

  Inbuilt Obsolescence and singer Shreya Rai make on of the trippiest must-listen tracks of the year with their new collaboration “pArAILaX.”  The song is a psychedelic Kill Bill throwback cinematic trip.  You may not understand the lyrics, which are not in English, but singer Shreya Rai is entrancing and remarkable.  

  The project is mysterious and very little is known about the artist.  The following was taken from Inbuilt Obsolescence bio “…home-made hi-fi electronic organic natural-forms digital-process improvisation structure human machine guitar-driven eclectic psychedelic groovey loops jazz punk raffish lyrical poetic urbane minimal self-aware satiric experimental catchy dancey solo collaborative reflective existential fusion chill kaleidoscopic dark atmospheric melodic captivating…”. 

  Yep we get down with that.  Hear pArAILaX now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.

Amelie Swann – photo cred Megan Matuzak

  Singer Amelie Swann just dropped a new video for her song 3 A M.  The Philadelphia singer is having a huge year since the release of her debut EP Dirty Looks.  She has amassed a dedicated trip hop fanbase and we are hungry to hear her follow up.  Until then we can enjoy this new video, a snapshot of Amelie’s don’t give a f#ck attitude, a big reason why we love her so much.  Hear 3 A.M. on our Women of Trip Hop playlist and see the video here and now! 

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