MUSIC VIDEOS WE LOVE: Francesca Blanchard, Misty Coast, Mort Rose, Death of Death

Singer Francesca Blanchard wrote her chill indie pop single Loon Song after being inspired by a loon call she heard on a camping trip.  For the music video, she teamed up with filmmaker Josh Bernales and producer Corrine Prevot.  The video, which looks like it was shot on a vast lake in northeast America, features Francesca donning a one piece in beautiful canvas portraits artistically displayed to celebrate the setting that inspired the song.  Francesca’s feel good vibes and subtle sexy blue beachwear are entrancing like the call of the Loon that inspired the song.  Francesca is joined by some festive friends, and the middle of nowhere party vibes matched with the slow-mo cinematography feels like it could have been shot by Pawel Pogorzelski, best known for his work on the critically acclaimed horror film Midsommar.  Check it out here and now!

Misty Coast is the dream pop child of Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust, known from the Norwegian noise rock act The Megaphonic Thrift. After ten years on the road with amplifiers turned to 11 tours supporting indie heroes like Dinosaur Jr and Steven Malkmus, a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) sitting on the shelf, mild tinnitus and odd jobs back home to add on the rock’n’roll salary, Frøkedal and Myklebust decided to adjust the recipe and started Misty Coast. On the video for their single Sugar Pill, a trippy stop motion anxiety ridden examination of madness in isolation, Misty Coast teams up with Berlin based Blank Blank Filk and dancer Savi Cas.  The film credits also include Carlos Vaszuez and Ana Aguilera.  The modern choreography and film effect match perfectly to enhance the vibe of the song and the feeling of desperation.  Dancer Savi Cass really steals the show with a graphic body bending performance.  You can feel the pain and the chaos, it’s both weird and beautiful and 100% worth a view.  Check it out here and now!  

Pop-psych Canadian rockers Mort Rose are promoting the release of a new album with a video for their song Je does savor.  The video features the band in Beatles style silly Kodak moments with some interesting green screen shots of intersecting members riding various animals across the screen.  These guys just look like a feel good time and they nail the 60s psych pop vibe.  They’re not taking themselves too seriously but they just might be a much watch band, and despite their French lyrics have serious crossover potential.  Need we say more?  Check it out!  

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.  London based Fire in the Sky bring beauty to tragedy on the video for their single Death of Death.  Wearing masks and bearing firearms, the protagonist looks like he was pulled out of the movie the Purge.  Our assumption is that the portrait of various characters reflects the victims in their normal lives.  The underwater pool cinematography is especially beautiful.  Modern horror fans will likely enjoy Fire In The Sky.  Check it out.

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