Best New Indie: Ishi, girlhouse, Drew Tachine, Chavis Chance

Dallas band Ishi goes retro folk on their new single Sweet Gold.  Acoustic psychedelic vibes feel like they were pulled right out of a T Rex demo tape.  The Ishi catalog explores a lot of different genres, and they flex their folk rock muscle on this catchy quick serenade.  Sweet Gold feels familiar but completely original, hear it now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Songwriter girlhouse is having a great year.  She caught our attention with the girlhouse EP and even obliged us with an interview.  We’re so excited to see her breaking out and getting a ton of attention, including a spot on Spotify’s coveted All New Indie playlist.  

  On their new song Concussion, girlhouse clarifies that she is just hitting her stride as a songwriter. It kind of really sucks getting a concussion from a car accident, and in that foggy moment you are sometimes left with a moment of clarity reflecting on your life and its futile existence. On her new song, girlhouse gracefully emotes the odd aftermath from a near death experience in a way that’s both catchy and brilliant. 

 Concussion is highlighted by a soulful vocal performance, great production, and clever lyricism.  We can’t wait to hear what girlhouse does next.  Hear Concussion now on our Best New Indie playlist 

Drew Tachine

LA based songwriter Drew Tachine caught our attention with his new song Strangers, from his debut EP Goodnight PeakStrangers is emotive poetry that lends itself to the imagination.  With lyrics  “Stranger’s don’t like to dwell” and “Bonfires in my mind,” the song reads like a pensive reflection of disconnect and anecdote.  

  Fans of Elliot Smith and Sufjan Stevens will enjoy Drew’s acoustic chill bedroom pop aesthetic, combining a soft vocal delivery with indie pop sensibility.  Strangers has a nice groove and some sneaky low synth atmosphere, creating a nice contrast of soft but full.  The intersecting backwards synths push you into Drew’s dream world, a feeling accentuated when you observe his album cover: Drew laying in a bed fully clothed, eyes open, next to an old phone hanging on the line.  Is he listening to someone on the other end, or just the sound of an open line?  The cover really fits the vibe of the music, hear for yourself, Strangers is currently on our Best New Indie playlist

Chavis Chance

If you are a musician or have ever tried to kickstart a music career then you will likely connect with Chavis Chance’s new single Three Still Listening.  

We’ve heard about these legendary music scenes from the 60’s-90’s, clubs that were perpetually packed, an audience guaranteed if you can earn a spot on the bill.  That’s just largely not the case in 2021.  The original music scene has mostly lost it’s shine, and it’s usually up to the artists to promote their shows and push their own tickets.  

  Chavis turns the plight of the modern songwriter into a melodic folk epic of tragedy and heartbreak.  The lyrics can feel defeatist, but also honest and beautiful.  For what is life without suffering?  How can you triumph if you don’t  beat the devil inside of you?  

  The best part about Three Still Listening is Chavis skips the cliche sugar-coated finale, he leaves on a hopeless note, after all, most never make it, why should this be any different? 

  Hear Three Still Listening now on our Best New Indie playlist

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