The Kecks – Tonight Might Be Different

photo cred: @_fox_on_the_run_

The Kecks could be selling out shows regularly around Hamburg. They’ve already sold out a few, and with the release of their new single, Tonight Might Be Different, they will be selling out shows throughout Europe.  The Kecks posses the polished punk catchiness of the Clash, complete with a Joe Strummer like delivery.   They evolve it by adding modern indie sensibility in both the guitar and drum work.  They have also been compared to the Strokes, and you can hear where they might derive that comparison. From the panned wide unison guitar work and a complete bypass of straight chord rock, the production does include a Strokes feel. But the Kecks come with the attitude of 80s UK punk.   International transplants who came together during the pandemic just for the sake of getting into it; good rock and roll music was the result.  

  What kind of band comes together during a pandemic?  In the midst of dealing with performance restrictions and our universal trauma, it might be hard to see yourself coming out of that thing with some kind of a career.  It’s even harder to find the assurance in your heart that the music scene will come back to what it was pre-covid reasonably soon.  But this is ART. Our Heart and Soul, and The Kecks found a way to create some legit club rock in the midst of all this chaos. For that, we are thankful.  

Released on Blagger Records on August 27th, Tonight Might Be Different is an indie punk anthem for a new generation of live music seekers. Unable to have experienced what was prepared for them, ready to carve their own experience from the fragments of what has remained. Wanting to feel the energy and swagger of a song like Tonight Might Be Different. 2000’s era double hi hat drum riffs, dirty guitars, passionate vocals.

  Yielding a Fender Jaguar and a Rickenbocker bass, The Kecks parade their influences with their choice of instrument and how it impacts their music.  The indie punk jaguar sound was originally conceived by Tom Verlaine of New York Punk legends Television, and then later developed by no less than Jonny Marr and then Kurt Cobain.  The Rickenbacker bass was used by both the Clash and the Damned, and lives on as another trademark of punk inspired modern indie.  

photo cred : @_fox_on_the_run_
photo cred @_fox_on_the_run_

  The Kecks are bringing the indie punk attitude into the modern era of indie rock.  Young, energetic, and coming out of the weirdest couple of years this scene has seen in a bit.  Complete with an affinity for the underground, and a genuine DIY ethic. We could really use some true indie punk right now, and the Kecks deliver.  We’re looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.  Hear Tonight Might Be Different now on our Best New Rock playlist.  

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