Best New Rock – Army Of Bones, Sukh, La Sanyea Dengue, The Shook

Brighton based rockers Army of Bones waited four years to release their new hit single Stay.  Originally recorded to be included on their debut record, the band put it on reserve for a “time like this.”  

  In the age of streaming, bands are getting frustrated that listeners are not taking in entire records, and Spotify puts most of the focus on the most popular singles.  Army of Bones has a strong catalog: All Killer, No Filler.  Stay was likely reserved to give the band some extra ammo during times when it might be difficult to record or get together to write new music.  For bands, there’s really never been a better time to tap into your reserves for a fresh release.  

  The steady bass backbone and swirling guitars over hard hitting drums evoke Achtung Baby era U2.  The singer’s sexy raspy drawl and infectious hooks in the songwriting feel inspired by INXS.  The best in tight format 80s era stadium rock.  Stay is a feel good banger.  It rocks hard and it picks you up and never puts you down.  Hear it now on our Best New Rock playlist.  


  Manchester based songwriter Sukh writes his best song yet with his new single Rendezvous.  

  The intro harkens back to the the epic post rock inspired pop of Snow Patrol, but as the song progresses Sukh introduces a cut time signature reminiscent of 90s emo bands like early Jimmy Eat World, Braid, and The Promise Ring.  Combined with Sukh’s melodic pop vocal sensibilities, Rendezvous is both catchy and powerful.  Good dirty tube guitar tones and a great mix.  

  Rendezvous’ dreamy exterior and post rock style resignation on long chord progressions is exalting and elevating.  You can hear the post rock influence similar to bands like Explosions in the Sky, but with a more consistent vocal based arrangement highlighting the singer.  It’s a good vibe that pulls you through to the end.  

  Check out Rendezvous now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

La Sanyea Dengue

La Sanyea Dengue comes to us like a hard rock version of Devo, it’s supposed to be fun, but if you don’t take them seriously you might miss out on their genius.  

  The musicianship on their new EP Dimensional Mystery Tour is top notch, the band sounds super tight while keeping a high level of energy.  I’m not hearing a lot of high energy guitar rock this tight these days.  Bands like to use a lot of quantization and rhythm editing, La Sanyea Dengue brings us back to the live room sound that sets apart the best 80s metal.  

  LSD likes to rip big riffs with some subtle feedback and synth atmosphere leads overtop, its their signature sound and they do it really well.  

  La Sanyea Dengue is fronted by a theatric lead vocal, the singer has a melodic but punk inspired delivery. The melodies are catchy, sometimes familiar but feeling new and interesting.  It’s a signature touch for a great band.  

  Hear Obsession now on our Best New Rock playlist. 

Return of the Sun is second track from the new album from The Shook, Hermetic Revelry.  The lo-fi garage rock sound has hints of grunge and psychedelic stoner rock.  The singer has some great overtones reminiscent of Daniel Jones from Silverchair. 

Much like the Jack White production machine that includes the White Stripes and the Raconteurs, the Shook is rooted in the blues.  With dirty guitars and raw grit, The Shook dig in on Return of the Sun, and uncover some straight jam feels and Alice In Chains style vocal production in the songs bridge section.  

  The Northern Michigan rockers report that they are already working on their next release.  We can’t wait to hear how the band evolves.  Hear Return of the Sun now on our Best New Rock playlist.  

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