Music Videos We Love – Leeroy Stagger, Moon Walker, Little Trips

So far this year Leeroy Stagger has dropped two great music videos for recent singles.  For both “Does Anybody Live Here,” and “More Love Than Money,” Leeroy marries his music with powerful imagery, using his music as the soundtrack for these stories in pictures.  

  “Does Anybody Live Here Anymore” is a Bruce Springsteen style indie country jam with notes of Jason Isbell, Wilco, and The War On Drugs.  The video features strong performance from two leads, possibly lovers, who appear to be working their way through some feelings on their own.  Possibly, “spending time apart,” to figure themselves out.  It’s a story about how you’re not really ready for love until you love yourself.  In just 4 minutes the video displays a love Odyssey. The character development is fantastic. The script connects so many dots in the situations where they choose to show these characters.  Check this video out! 

,  “More Love Than Money” is a feel good bluesy indie country stomper.  The main character, driving a pimping old school convertible delivers pizzas to unsuspecting receivers.  The couple from “Does Anybody Live Here Anymore” makes an appearance, as well as some other interesting characters from Leeroy’s cinematic universe.   Tender love and care went into the videos.  The small town locations are the perfect backdrop to connect with Leeroy’s working folk style.  These are indie country jams. Check out both videos!  

This is our second time featuring retro rockers Moon Walker.  The duo are music video gurus.  They have tapped into a retro time capsule with color and costume that feels like it was pulled right out of a psychedelic Brady Bunch induced trip.  Their new single “Devil”  has a touch of T Rex blues rock glam with modern Black Keys style production.

  The video alternates between theatrical performance cuts of the band, and a schoolhouse story of indoctrination. The video features a creepy cute teacher with some serious RBF.  Moon Walker’s anti-conformist message resonants with the music of their glam rock influences, pulling from freak flag favorites like Bowie and Mott The Hoople.  Dig into Devil and go a little deeper and check out Moon Walker’s whole video catalog, all they do is slay.  

Denver based synth pop duo Little Trips stay spacey on their new video Midmorning Train to Amsterdam.  The duo gets to spend a day with the space man himself, as a Space Suit dressed character brings the party vibes, even hot boxing his space helmet before keening over from that heavy kush. 

This is a fun video that supports the bands feel good, MGMT style psychedelic pop vibes.   Little Trips is full of infectious melodies and good times, light up a freshie and enjoy the feel good vibes.

We take pride in sharing our favorite undiscovered music video masterpieces. Check out our your tube playlist, where you can enjoy all of the Music Videos We Love

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