Undiscovered Gems – Meggie Brown

London based songwriter Meggie Brown recently released a new four song EP called Home.  The album kicks off with the folky Angel Like You, which Meggie debuted with a music video on 8/27.  On Angel Like You, the songwriter’s whispery vocals and creepy hush is reminiscent of the late Elliot Smith.    The song includes an ethereal atmosphere, blanketed like the aura of Meggie’s past lovers, haunting them like a ghost throughout the record.  

  After all, Meggie’s  style is a sort of haunting indie folk, with songs that tell stories of their complicated existence and conflicting realities.  They accentuate this through theatrical live performances, with ghastly make up and characters that follow them like specters.

  On the Angel Like You music video, Meggie lays unaffected in bed as Wiccan lovers frolic and tease.  Meggie is unaffected by the gothic beauties who mosey around them, unable to escape the tragedy of their loathing existence, as if they’re is only one in the room who has been enlightened to that harsh realities of existence, no longer able to enjoy the simplicities of our foolish nature. 

  The sad scary folk vibe carries over on the second track, You See Me, as Meggie hopes to connect with some beings on their level.  “Reality falls around you… it’s gonna be okay.” 

Meggie is painfully aware of what is and what can never be.  Like any great songwriter, Meggie is working through these truths in their poetry.  The fakeness of modern culture has exhausted them.  They’re looking for more like themselves, with art and expression that helps them work their way through the pain of knowing.  

  Meggie Brown and band channels some Arcade Fire vibes on You See Me, with an underlaying of violin and synth, pensive lyrics, and orchestral guitar work.  

Meggie Brown

  The EP’s third track, Wasted On Today, stomps with more swagger and attitude.  Drummer Kayleigh Cheer lays a steady groove that pushes through the rest of the record.  The low vocal mixed beneath Meggie trails them like another ghost in her world, the selfish vetrol that makes men so hated.  Meggie knows the worst of it surfaces from time to time, as they recite “Forgive Me” over and over.  

  Meggie’s world is intense, and they close out the EP with the revelatory Seven Sides of You.  A long atmospheric intro builds into a groovy vibe.  The song presents like a softer Talking Heads track, with abstract lyrics, funky guitars, and Congo percussion.  

  Overall, the EP Home is like a concept record of our complicated realities and how they mock our futile existence.  Meggie teamed up with Sunny Robertson from Float Rock Home studio, as well as her backing band Forrest Flowers and drummer Cheer to bring their vision to life.  It’s great sad folk with some indie pop influenced production.  Fans of Elliot Smith and Arcade Fire will enjoy the ethereal dark folk vibes.  

  Previously, Meggie has worked with Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, and was named one of the Guardian’s “Artists for 2020.”  Home is a strong addition to the buzzing songwriters growing collection.  We can’t wait to hear what Meggie Brown does next!  Check out Home

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