Best New Indie – Coral Gables, Swivvel, Cabin, Joseph Hunter Duncan

Coral Gables is mixing pop vibes and indie songwriting on their new single Bygone.  The catchy electronic production mixed with string instruments will connect with fans of Beck, Phosphorescent and Postal Service.  The finger picked guitar that sits underneath is quickly enveloped in a mash of instruments and sounds.  

  Appreggiated string hits, droning synths, and groovy drums bob and weave throughout the song.  Occasionally they give way to quick vocal breaks before dropping back in like old friends.  

  Besides being an ace musician, the Cuban American singer-songwriter Erik Beruvides who performs as Coral Gables is a prime lyricist, with interesting phrasing and great word play.  The slightly abstract but ironically familiar poetry that accompanies Bygone can find a place in everyone’s script of life.  

“Wonder where it went, the life I had to have, 

excess and regret, embarrassment’s lament 

edit to perfection, new vision of the past.  

Something old something new, all borrowed stitched and glued

Share it in an empty gallery 

Boast about the latest mirror dream”

  For this writer, there’s a little bit of a “live your illusion” vibe to these lyrics.  Coral Gables says it’s a song about digital landscape lost friendship, and how the body stores trauma.  It is important during these odd times, with social media toxicity, that we have great art that sifts through the chaos. On Bygone, songwriter Erik Beruvides delves into this harsh reality and pulls out something beautiful and inspiring.  Hear Bygone now on our Best New Indie playlist.  


Miami natives Swivvel bring the catchy feel good indie dance vibes on their new song Contender.  The band is dripping with Ra Ra Riot style mathy grooves, catchy melodies, and chorusy guitars.  The music is a combination of fun and interesting. It also has a little of the punk feel that made TV On The Radio cult favorites. Catchy melodies will always have some mainstream appeal, but Swivvel is primed for the sweaty underground house show scene in need of a groovy pick me up.  

  Much like the aforementioned Ra Ra Riot, the musicians in Swivvel do not do cookie cutter rock arrangements.  The guitars and bass swirl in constant variation.  Perfect alternations on the verse progressions, multiple bridge and connecting segments in the songwriting, all seamlessly woven together in a nice package that feels like it belongs together.  The magic of Swivvel is that the complicated evolving arrangement always feels pop, stays incredibly catchy, and keeps you wanting more.  

  Swivvel is joining a movement in indie rock songwriting  that includes NJ based band DUMMY, a style that includes indie pop influences, ever evolving arrangements, and some punk sentiment.  Hear Contender now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


Cabin (aka Adam McCabe) began crafting his songwriting and production skills as part of post-punk outfit Brass Phantoms, and has had his music featured on the likes of BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq, Spotify’s Hot New Bands, Clash Magazine, Hot Press, The Last Mixed Tape, Golden Plec and more, along with production credits for the likes of Fangclub.  On his new single Dull, the songwriter blends dreamy shoe-gaze and angry post punk vibes.  The reverb drenched vocals combined with Adam’s energetic and passionate performance has an 80s retro feel similar to the Waterboys as well as one of our new indie favorites, Pink Milk.  

  Unlike so much modern rock, Cabin skips the noise reduction and lets the dirty parts of his guitars poke through, complete with a buzzy amp that introduces the song.  During some of the breaks Adam pulls out the buzzy amps, but the layer of fuzz underneath is all part of the package that gives Dull an authentic psych rock feel.  Fans of The War On Drugs and Kurt Vile will enjoy the various layered chorusey guitars and vibey lead patterns, as well as the vampy outro.  

  From start to finish Dull is an epic 6 minute cinematic shoe gaze journey, and an exciting addition to the young Cabin catalog.  Hear Dull now on our Best New Indie playlist

Joseph Hunter Duncan

Songwriter Joseph Hunter Duncan has a strong catalog.  Based in Nashville and soaking in all of its rich inspiration, Duncan is honoring a history of prolific writers from the area.  On his new single, Always On My Mind, Duncan cements himself as a must watch artists coming out of Nashville’s growing indie rock scene. 

  Reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and his contemporaries, Hunter‘s working man style is direct in his writing but leaves room for interpretation.  He writes songs relative to everyone’s experience.  The upbeat rock background is highlighted by Joseph’s strong vocal.  Joseph sings with conviction.  

  Stylistically Joseph Hunter Duncan joins a group of up and coming Indies who combine traditional songwriting and indie rock to perfection, with melodic chorus breakdowns and perfect guitars tones.  This group includes Gabriel Richards and Kenneth Ishak.  

  “There is no structure, only destruction.”  Diagnosed with BiPolar 2 disorder in early 2017, Duncan peels back the make-up and leaves the scars and bruises for all to see.  From the tortured elements of his existence he channels great art, embracing all he is feeling and creating something beautiful.  The music is part of his therapy and healing, and the authenticity shines through. 

  Joseph has spent the better part of the last decade touring and experimenting with different recording styles.  He knows what he wants, and he chose to play all of the instruments on the new record himself. 

  Always On My Mind will be included on EP III, and Joseph has released it as a single in advance of the full release.  Hear Always On My Mind now on our Best New Indie playlist. 

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