Women Of Trip Hop – Elly Kace, Deshira, Philomena, Valko

Elly Kace shines on her new single, the vibey cinematic Nothing.   

Nothing is just one piece from a strong overall release from Brooklyn based artist Elly Kace.  Her full concept album, “Nothing I See Means Anything,” is set to release on 11/19/21.  To promote the album, Elly brought Nothing to life, teaming up with dance artist Jasmine Mendoza on a captivating music video.  

The long breath and low hum that introduce the song, accompanied by an afro funk style hand drum that gives Thievery Corporation vibes, dissipates into Elly’s entrancing vocal. With her incredibly accurate precise vocal prowess Elly starts pulling you deeper into her hypnotic song.  Like a trip hop siren luring you farther into the abyss, with long notes that envelope you in her sonic vocal power.  

  The melody sometimes drips with musical theater, accentuated by the album cover shot of Elly in full face and body paint, like a musical medicine woman sent from the heavens.  The unhinged melody cultivates into indigenous chants of primitive expression, Elly reaches deep within her animalistic musical instincts, conjuring rain songs from a distant past, tapping into her innate musical self.  

Get to know Elly Kace, and hear Nothing now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist


Born in Mecca Berlin but raised in almost every state of Germany, Dëshira grew up surrounded by a budding techno and club scene.  Inspired by the rich EDM history, Dëshira channels her upbringing into her multi-dimensional music project.  

  Most recently, Dëshira spent time residing in St Petersburg, where she emerged herself in club culture.  There she was inspired a a dark, witchy, grungy version of EDM known as Dirt.  

  Dëshira’s new song Bipolar, stays true to it’s title.  Melancholy ethereal reverb soaked verses give way to groovy rock style drums and more direct vocals.  The back and forth dichotomy of the music mirrors her musical escapades as an international traveler and club girl. 

Hear Bipolar now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist


Philomena is a buzzing 21 year old artist who writes and produces her own music.  Raised in Munich, Philomena grew up in a family of artists, and started composing at an early age.  

  On her new single, Wildfires, the artist combines catchy vocals with breakbeat rhythms and vibey strings.  Her style drips with 90s club style rhythms and jazzy vocal prowess. 

  Hear Wildfires now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist


  Beth Gibbons, Kate Bush, and Goldfrapp are just a few of the names who Valkø cites as influences.  A student of the masters, Valkø blends her musical influences with her cinematic inspirations, including Tim Burton and James Bond.  Valkø recently released a new single, Monsters, and included a tripped out music video. Check it out!

  Hailing from Brussels, Valkø was bred for trip hop.  Her new song, Monsters, is a vibey creeped out trip.  Armed with a groovy beat, a vibey piano, and her soft vocal delivery; Valkø seduces you into her world with her soft, sexy vocals.  She slowly guides you deeper into her song, her insanity, her hell. As if she is escorting you to meet the “Monsters from the deep.”  

  Hear Monsters now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist 

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