Music Videos We Love – Elly Kace, Nathan Zanagar, Indigo Birds, Peter Lake

Elly Kace teams up with dancer Jasmine Mendoza and Director Ryan Rivard on a new video for her single I.  Amazing choreography and ethereal composition sync in perfect harmony, as Jasmine sways and flows within the music.  

  The video is set within a natural landscape littered with large scattered artifacts of the industrial world.  The camera follows Jasmine dancing in harmony to the natural beauty around her, like a medicine woman making peace with the deserted structures of the place, celebrating that most no longer roam here.  The setting represents how scars remain but nature grows on. 

 Set on the northeastern coast of North America, on the edge of an affluent pasture where land meets sea, it is a place of bountiful abundance.  Native Americans would have harvested and celebrated the gifts of the season.  Jasmine dances against a monolithic type sculpture, as if she is trying to connect to the past of these hallowed grounds, where ancient tribes once roamed, more connected to the sanctity of the earth than modern people.

  With her song, Elly Kace nurtures and heals a history of destruction by man.  She reveals herself from behind  a sheer scarf. She is independent, strong, and beautiful.  There is no need to hide anymore, it’s just her and the earth, together in sanctimonious harmony.  

  Distant chimes and cavernous voices whirl between drones and tones that grow underneath, as Elly poetically serenades us on “I.” 

 Elly is willing to share and shed that tired doctrine unwillingly bestowed upon her by society.   “So desperate to feel beautiful in this prison.”  The lyrics are both a revelation and a release.  Speak your truth and let it empower you.  That is the magic of I.  

Nathan Zanager gives us a snapshot of our solemn existence on his new video for Le Jeune.  Various characters, from young to adolescent, transverse the patterns of their regimented worlds.   Highlighted by slow motion shots of a young artist dancing alone in his room, intersecting shots of sadness and serenity between different characters, and bookmarked by a friendly face on a laptop; the solidarity of a post Covid youth.  Where did the time go, and how do we get back to it?  Believable performances from the cast make the video bigger than the song itself, check out Le Jeune here.  

French indie rockers Indigo Birds recently release a mysterious video for their song Burned.  Filmed like a mystery Hitchcock classic, the video connects various sequences regarding a bicycle rider who is wandering the French country side.  Long reflective shots add to the mystique of the story, as it is unclear if the biker is being followed by another version of himself, perhaps a time traveller from a different timeline in history, or if the biker is some kind of serial tourist.  

  The video includes some Impressive nighttime cinematography, with great exhibits of lighting and detail.  The sharp picture turns the French countryside into an illuminated chrome landscape.  

  The narrative intersects with great shots of the band mimicking their instruments with industrial equipment, an ode to how they adapt sounds with their instruments in their writing.  

  The performances by both the band and the actor are sincere and convincing.  

Music Video Master Peter Lake strikes again on the new video for his single Whistle.  The release has already amassed close to 500k views on YouTube.  The video features fun choreography from a large group of NYC dancers.  The group parades around NYC, and impressive camera work accentuates their impressive dancing skills.  Peter Lake uses his platform as an opportunity to celebrate NYC’s rich street dance culture.  The video serves as a postcard to celebrate the history of the city he now calls home.  The elusive Peter Lake has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.  “Whistle Whistle say you’re in love.”  

We enjoy sharing our favorite undiscovered music video masterpieces. Check out our your tube playlist, where you can enjoy all of the Music Videos We Love

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