Emerging Folk – Superbloom, Maz O’Conner, Historian, Sunflower Summit

Superbloom recently released an acoustic version of their popular rock hit, Paper and Stone.  

The track develops the arrangement, replacing the electrics with a finger picked acoustic guitar, and embellishing the atmosphere with live strings.  Produced by Ed Sokolowski of EAS Studios, the track features a well constructed studio effort and highlights this teams impressive studio talents. The strings match the highest quality productions in recorded music.  

  The duo known as Superbloom consists of friends Robert James and Sam Lidington.  Having previously worked in various successful bands, the duo began collaborating during the pandemic.  This is their fourth release on Spotify, and displays the groups ability as raw songwriters, showing how they can produce their material with various sonic textures. 

  The anthemic single is highlighted by a passionate vocal and the stomp and holler four to the floor bass drum that carries the track.  The “call to arms” rhythmic cadence rumbles like a battle cry beneath the track.  The violin that riffs between the vocal adds to the epic Celtic war song roots.  

   Lyrical poetry reveal  a rebel song, “now we hang like puppets on a string, now we hang from pins in the ceiling, we have no jurisdiction in our corner of the world.  Cause after all, if it’s written on paper, it’s written in stone.”  

  A song for everyone who is trapped in their societal caste, bred to cooperate with their assignment, unable to break from the fiscal setbacks strategically placed as limitations to cripple their progress.  It’s a message that was discovered by most during the lockdowns, as societies Orwellian opiates of sports and entertainment were muted by restrictions, leading to idle time for free minds to roam.  Superbloom provides a soundtrack for that bitter feeling.  They know the value of their message, and provide this raw version of Paper and Stone to easily communicate with traditional instrumentation.  

  Hear the acoustic version of Paper and Stone now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Maz O’Connor

  Songwriter Maz O’Conner paints a complete picture on the lyrical Jessica.  Wonderful lyrical imagery and wordplay drips with authenticity, capturing the essence of the experience perfectly in a song.  The scattered thoughts of a protagonist give personality to the narrator, as her worldview comes to light in poetic revelation.  

  “Do you think we would have been in love if we had been allowed, Jesus hates that kind of thing and no one’s like that in this town.”  

  Jessica is a heartfelt genuine ode to forbidden love.  All of the premonitions and apprehension is overwhelmed by great feelings of truth and sincerity.  This is real love, and Maz has reconstructed it perfectly in this masterpiece.  

  Hear Jessica now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  


  Los Angeles based songwriter Historian believes in the power of collaboration, and worked with over 30 musicians on the recording of his new album Out Of Season.  A prolific songwriter whose music is full of interesting movements, Historian drew contributions from members of The Decembrists, Father John Misty, MACHINEHEART and more. The result is a fantastic collection of songs that draw comparisons to indie favorites Sufjan Stevens, The National, and the aforementioned Misty. 

  On his single Glass, the songwriter evokes the emotional sad delivery of cult hero Daniel Johnston, with trademark charming piano work and wonderful Lennon derived modal chord variations.  Packaged with a string arrangement pulled right out of Aimee Mann’s Magnolia soundtrack, Historian meshes indie folk and melancholy in nostalgic beauty.  

 On Glass, life passes like a movie being written in real time.  The soundtrack like production supports the lyrical message, as the songwriter sings, “play it back to the ‘enth degree, 28th century, it’s a reel to reel, but now it’s not so real.”    

  Hear Glass now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Sunflower Summit

  Chicago based Songwriter and producer Sunflower Summit pens a homage to a lazy afternoon on her new song Do Nothing.  The song is introduced by percussive tapping like falling water, that serves as the rhythm pattern for the song.  The producer builds a beautiful choral musical arrangement where echoing harmony vocals and soothing background voices create a dreamy atmosphere.  

  The whispery vocals and strumming stylings of Billie Eilish meet the haunting charm of Feist and the sad girl vibes of Girlhouse.    “I’ve been swimming in a cold bath, the water the doesn’t get colder… and I don’t want to swim anymore.”

  “Do Nothing” is an anthem for a young generation flooded with overachieving influencers and devilish marketers who push us past the brinks of overstimulation and strip us of all existential spirit.  Sunflower Summit knows there’s a time to slow down and be in your thoughts.  A song for anyone who needs a reminder to slow down and let go. You can’t control everything, but you can give in to the good vibe of a sneaky chill song.  The message might seem depressing if you don’t see into it and realize that Sunflower Summit just wants to release you from the burden of believing you can control it all.  It’s better, and healthier, to know some things are out of your control and let them be.  

  Enjoy Do Nothing now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

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