London based pop artist FRNDS AS CMPNY recently released their new single White Flag.  The song is packaged in a nostalgic retro style, with appregi bass and fuzzy soft synths carrying most of the melody. A passionate vocal effort by the elusive songwriter pulls you in.  The instinctive melody drips with soul and conviction.  The crisp production mirrors the new movement in pop by acts like The Weeknd and Dua Lipa, combining the sleek mixing in mainstream pop with nostalgic 80s inspired textures.


  The passionate delivery of the vocals is supported by a strong lyrical message.  FAC is calling for an existential truce.  He pleads, “These battles and wars and all this mortal sin.”  A cultural visionary, he just doesn’t see a point to all the fighting.  “The truth comes out in the end.”  A witness to the hippocracy on both sides, he knows there are no winners in war, only the losers and the lost.  The lyrical vibe is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, who produced new wave music that blended with alternative R&B and soul, and often featured strong existential messages of healing and truth. .

  Synthwave and 80s inspired music has a way of speaking to the soul.  When it is paired with a strong lyrical message, it can be both alleviating and exalting.  FRDS AS CMPNY brings both the passion, and the production chops on this instant classic.  Hear White Flag now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist.  

Retroglyphs – Postponed

Synthwave instrumentals are so often highlighted by production elements often found in dubstep and EDM, tweaked to emulate a retro feeling using modern software.  Retroglyphs brings an organic alternative on their new single Postponed.  Featuring live instruments and analog synths, with a progressive arrangement and structure, the song delivers a strong variation to the typecast EDM inspired majority.  

  The track is highlighted by a rich saxophone and space age guitar that respond to each other in constant conversation.  The call and response of the solo instruments replaces those spaces where a vocal might have been.  Dreamy emotive movements in the arrangement pull the listener deeper into nostalgic dream states, as new melodies lifted by soft synths are introduced in intersecting patterns throughout the track.  

  The Philadelphia based synthwave project is known for their intelligent song structures and infectious melodies, emulating the likes of Tear for Fears and New Order.  This instrumental is a great addition to their strong retro wave catalog. 

  Hear Postponed now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist.  

Fear of Tigers – Tiger Blood!

  Fear Of Tigers flexes his production skills on the 2021 hit Boy Talk. The single was included on his album Tiger Blood! We cannot get enough of this infectious 80s inspired dance pop smash.  The uplifting melody is highlighted by a blurry vocal melody.  The catchy chopped up vocal samples trick you into creating language cues.  As a result, a message is emulated in whatever emotion you derive from the melody.  The producer eliminates the burden of trapping the message within the lyrical theme, and frees you to conjure whatever you demand from it.  So much can be derived from this intoxicating pop hit.  It can be uplifting, vibing, and sexy all at once.  

  Fear Of Tigers has collaborated with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kylie Minogue, and more.  He wrote music for movies like the Shallows and Rough Night.  On Boy Talk, he lifts his status as a retro wave visionary.  Pairing the EDM flare of his contemporaries with a masterful melodic touch.  He wraps it up nicely in a tight crisp mix that hits you like a splash of cold water in the morning.  A refreshing take in a crowded field of Fruity Loop producers, Fear Of Tigers is the real deal.  Hear Boy Talk now on our Best New Indie Synthwave Playlist


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