Emerging Folk – Selena Tibert, No Lonesome, Jen Lush, Flaming June

NYC based singer songwriter Selena Tibert merges elegant production and heartfelt songwriting on her new track Where It’s Dark.  In essence this is mellow acoustic folk music, and in its barest form exists as Selena alone with her guitar.  Her guitar reveals traditional folk influence, with familiar resolutions in the chordal structures reminiscent of classic Irish standards.  With her production skills, Selena embellishes the presentation, introducing dreamy sounds and samples throughout.  More modern influences like Radiohead and Fleet Foxes can be found in the dreamy production layers.  Lush choral harmonies, complete with ASMR hush textures, panned wide on the auditory spectrum, create a big haunting bedrock.  Together with vibey electric guitars,  trippy samples, and long snare brush strokes, the production expands the most uplifting moments in the track.  

  Within Where It’s Dark, a young person struggles and resists as the world evolves around them.  Unaccustomed to the conventions of adulthood, change comes like an unwanted gesture.  “Cracks seep in the pavement, we’re just weeds that follow through.  So I hold you near, fade this feeling that I feel.”

  It’s hard to remain unaffected by the world around you.  Selena is able to dig into the authenticity of the song while blending modern indie recording techniques.  She lets the production enhance the moment without allowing it to take over.  The sounds lift the cinematic atmosphere as Selena pulls you deeper in her auditory dream world.  

  Hear Where It’s Dark by Selena Tibert now on our Emerging Folk playlist  

No Lonesome

The Chicago based songwriter whose project is known as No Lonesome caught our attention with their new song Strange How.  The artist admits that the song is about a woman dealing with loss.  A beautifully executed finger picked guitar rolls effortlessly over a shuffled beat, as No Lonesome’s soft reflective voice recalls vivid images of what once was.  There’s an authentic campfire comfort to the songs presentation, with hints of country seeping into the songs folk roots.  

  “Sowed and reaped the dirt, the plant they raised had finally unfurled.  Mine’s got other plans, best she can do is avoid idle hands.”  No Lonesome embraces their poetic prowess.  The abstract details provide an in depth narrative to the feelings underneath the surface.  The artist also mixes in more direct findings.  

  With lines like, “She smoked herself a mess, ash on her dress looking Monday’s best.  She’s looking like her room, picked her scab into an open wound.”  Phrases like old polaroids offering a snapshot of what impressions might have been made, with the abstract phrases littered around to help you dig deeper into the meaning of the song.  Together, with the beautiful musical arrangement, the song is reflective and nostalgic.  It’s the kind of soundtrack that makes you want to listen twice, and begs you to return if you ever get that melancholy feeling.  

  Joining the ranks of Bonnie Light Horseman and Angelo De Augustine, No Lonesome brings a traditional folk vibe with indie folk appeal.  Subtle lofi cues in the recording connect the indie aesthetic to an otherwise authentic folk effort.  Overall, an exciting release from the buzzing young songwriter.  Hear Strange How by No Lonesome now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Jen Lush

Adelaide singer songwriter Jen Lush recently released a new album.  Let Loose the Beating Birds is a dynamic collection of carefully arranged songs, each with its own production nuances, lending personality and character to every individual piece.  

  We are captivated by her song Glass.  A musical conversation between a finger picked guitar and dramatic violin creates a dark dreamy atmosphere.  A soft electric piano comps beneath as Jen’s voice glides above the musical theater.  Jen describes her band as a “stellar new band of wildlings.” She champions the positive contributions they’ve made to her music.

Jen has the ability to quickly alternate from a soft vocal to a passionate delivery.  She sings with conviction and truth.  Incredibly confident in her transmissions, she is inspiring and empowering. 

  Jen is connected to both the natural origins of this world and the creations that came after.  She is present in the moment but acknowledges the futility of it all.   Like her music, she wants to relic in its beauty without getting lost in the superficiality of the moment.  “Slow down to steal the sights, buy me a little time, the buildings will out-live us all, the trees watch us come and go.  But I am a leaf in the wind, I am a house made of clay.”  

  Glass is a song for you to get lost in. Jen is like a musical medicine woman, offering a soundtrack to medicate the most conflicted modern souls, those struggling with the spoils of modernity weighing on their spiritual awakening.  The album, executed with passion and beauty, is excellent contrast to the strong messages found within.  That is art, that is truth. 

  Hear Glass now on our Emerging Folk playlist

Flaming June

Flaming June is UK based singer songwriter Louise Eatock.  She recently released her first self produced album, Hope In A Jar.  

Her single Fierce Lion Gentle Soul is an inspiring homage.  Repeating verses like meditation celebrate the virtues of the songs subject.  A person of incredible valor, Eatock showers them with high praise and accolades.  Flaming June provides a tribute for someone in your life with regal strength and respect.  Her voice quivers and echoes, as if she is singing a sacred Psalm within the halls of a cathedral.  Ghostly harmonies break through like native highlanders summoning faeries from the annals of Eatock’s lineage.  Rich with authenticity, Flaming June honors her heritage and the tradition of guitar music from her home country.  

With short repeating phrases, the writer says so much.

“Legacies and Stories, Smiles and Glory’s. Fierce Lion, Gentle Soul You gave it all.”  

With passion and exuberance she honors her admiration for this person.  The performance is convincing, and the sentiment is heartfelt.  

Hear Fierce Lion Gentle Soul now on our Emerging Folk playlist

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