Music Videos We Love – SATE, Silver Lining, Laszlo Jones, Callin’Berthe

Multi format artist SATE released a short film to support their new release, The Fool.  The artistically shot video is a solid companion to the EP.  SATE is backed by a killer band, and the video effectively documents the passion they put into their music, and the energy they bring to their live performance.  SATE is a force, and we believe that if they can make the festival circuit they will explode.  Their energy is infectious.  

  The short film is complete with fantastic costumes and careful casting.  It is visually stunning, and provides a unique glimpse into the artists imagination, and the psyche that inspires their music.  SATE assembled a large team and spared no expense.  Together they executed a fabulous production that captivates from start to finish.  For us, the reflective shots around the 6 minute mark are really the highlight.  After all the exuberance, SATE pauses in reflection and lets you look into her soul.  This video is a milestone, and a great addition to the artists growing catalog.  Watch The Fool in it’s entirety

SATE – The Fool

Heading To The West, the new single by French band Silver Lining, includes a wild west inspired music video release.  Elevating the bands indie country vibe, the video includes wonderful panoramic wide shots of the great frontier.  Elegant nighttime campfire shots provide great exhibits in lighting and cinematography.  

  A wandering cowboy stumbles into what could be a cult engaging in some kind of ceremonial dance.  The contrast of the natural beauty in the landscape shots and the curious ritual introduced in the videos second half makes for an interesting blend of the two histories claimed by this place.  Complete with sensual choreography and convincing performances by the videos leads, it’s easy to get seduced by the siren who claims this wandering soul.  Get lost in Heading To The West by Silver Lining

Silver Lining – Heading To The West

All is not as it seems on the video for Laszlo Jones new song, Save My Soul.  Initially the video plays like a feel good infomercial promoting some new stress reducing pharmaceutical.  A diverse cast of Laszlo’s existential followers join Jones on a bus ride to heaven.  The trip devolves to scandal and mayhem, as the true colors of its riders are slowly revealed.  These are just not good people, and Laszlo is the angel sent to release them from their suffering. 

You gotta hang in until the climax, its a real cliffhanger!  Hold tight, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Enjoy Save My Soul by Laszlo Jones

Laszlo Jones – Save My Soul

Directed by Sandra Salvadori, French waltz punk rockers Callin’Berthe tap into the B roll on the new video for their song zombie Karavan.  A group of deadbeat misfits corral around a desolate trailer home.  This band of sloppy drunks has no shame, and revel in their dirty habits, as they indulge in scenes of debauchery and indulgence.  

The video has the weird bizarre creepy vibe that filled the back room at Blockbuster in the 80s.  Troma fans will enjoy the low budget aesthetic, complete with crotch grabbing old farts and random dudes getting caught jerking off.  Callin’Berthe provides the perfect soundtrack to this misfit party of mayhem.  

  Some of the scenes are just odd, and though it may allude to the group getting turned into zombies, it mostly just seems like they’re just super f’d up.  

  It’s all in good shocking fun.  Check out Zombie Karavan! 

We enjoy sharing our favorite undiscovered music video masterpieces. Check out our your tube playlist, where you can enjoy all of the Music Videos We Love

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