Undiscovered Gems – Howlite, Marcus Kech, MOLTENO

Australia based trio Howlite team up with producer Mokroïé for a remix of their song Blood Type.  

Frontwoman Alison Thom is a force.  She has incredibly control over her rich smoky delivery, facilitating tremolo and affection at will.  She has power and depth to match the attitude and swagger.  Her phrases syncopate in rhythmic cadence, but with pop prowess, as if Dua Lipa and Amy Winehouse had a love child.  As the song progresses, emotionally Alison digs deeper into the moment, and the music bends and evolves to match her intensity.  

  The arrangement has intellect and sophistication, with masterful chord resolutions reminiscent of Radiohead and Bjork.  There is great chemistry between the three artists that make up Howlite, and how they support the evolution of the song.  Teaming up with Mokroïé on this remix was a master stroke.  Though the framework from the original version is intact, the producer brings a vast array of sounds, injecting trippy sonic and percussive textures that accelerate the moment.  With trip hop and dubstep influence, he brings more electricity to the moment, adding more energy not found in the original rendition.  

  This exciting collaboration is a refreshing progression in the group’s trajectory.  Hear Howlite remixed by Mokroïé for their song Blood Type now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.

Marcus Kech

Marcus Kech makes infectious electro pop music that drips with retro influence.  His album Strangelove includes 10 songs that showcase new wave, disco, and 80s pop influence.  It’s all highlighted by his soulful vocal touch.  Some of his inspirations poke through in INXS style funky rock guitar snaps, spacey Jamiroquai disco dance beats, and snappy MJ style bass lines.  It’s catchy fresh feel good sophisticated pop that would have fit right in on 90s label Astrewerks with the likes of Daft Punk, Air, and Phoenix.     

  On So There’s This Girl, Marcus teams up with singer Ruby-Sofia.  The two singers compliment each other.  They are both full of soul and passion.   The song itself is a strong composition, and they own every minute of it.  The changes are interesting and there’s a lot of variation throughout the track to keep you interested.  So There’s This Girl is ready for the dance floor, but is also great cruising music. Whether your heading to the club or hosting a dance party, Marcus provides the perfect soundtrack.  

  Hear So There’s This Girl now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist


London based songwriter and producer Molteno explores the power of autonomy on her empowering new single Illuminate.  

As a producer, Molteno blends ethereal atmospheres with intoxicating melodies.  A combination of live instrumentation, including cello on her new release, and lush synths create a dreamy foundation.  Molteno’s soothing voice cruises somewhere between indie pop darling and trip hop princess.  With haunting tremolo and smoky resolutions, Molteno gets under your skin.  

  With Molteno as your guide, this is music to get lost in.  The hypnotic swirling melodies are lifted by rich echoing harmonies.  As a producer, Molteno has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Repeatedly, the groovy drums pause as the music free-falls before pulling you back.  The track builds and the audio spectrum is filled with awakened voices and jagged synths as the song progresses.  Molteno remains seductive, pulling you deeper into this trip hop trance, she manifests within the song, as if she is in your ear next to you.  It’s exhilarating, and sexy.  

  Molteno is earning the buzz.  She has won coverage from BBC, 1883, DUMMY, and more. She is starting to perform at festivals and continues to expand her live show.  She certainly has our attention.  We can’t wait to see what she does next.  

  Fall in love with your autonomy and Illuminate, hear it now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.  


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