Re-Imagining Retro – Gloomy June, Cherry Seraph, Kevin Whitaker, Huyen

Gloomy June makes catchy, infectious synth pop.  Their new single Always Gonna Let You Down grabs you out the gate and delivers till the last note.  A nostalgic retro synth suggests neon vibes, and as the song progresses you get this and more.  Ultimately Gloomy June marries retro vibes and punk inspired pop elegantly.  

   Following the tasty synth intro, a percussive palmed guitar catches you just in time for singer Alexis to pick you up and never put you down.  As the mix progresses, the voice and synth layers take over.  In the 2nd verse singer Alexis’s voice really opens up.  With ever cadence she falls deeper into her feelings.  The music builds with her, as the mix becomes more layered and dense. The band is energetic, matching her fiery deliver.  The sound design colored with bright rich textures engulfs you.  Mixed elegantly, it recalls smash singles in modern vocal pop. 

With the crisp mix comes an indie sensibility.  It’s undeniably catchy, but less familiar than the formulated chords that crowd conventional pop.  With the piercing passionate female pop vocal, altogether offering some similarities to Cvrches and late Paramore.  Whether your a band pop fanatic or a retrowave fan, you’ll get pulled into this infectious vibe.  Enjoy Always Gonna Let You Down now on our Best New Synthwave playlist.  

Cherry Seraph

Cherry Seraph makes bittersweet dark pop.  On their new single despise, dreamy sinister lyrical verses contrast catchy chorus sections, as a deep bass accentuates the heavy vibe.  The flagship project for UK based Songwriter Sophie Russel, the artist flaunts her duality as performer and sex symbol.  The new single despise unfolds like the quip of a beautiful intelligent woman exhausted by the disrespect.  despise celebrates this awakening charmingly, owning collateral liberties of unrelenting DM’s from strange fans.  You might suspect she is being harsh, but it’s all a part of the game.  

Russel recognizes the insanity of it all.  In this superficial world, a constant clash between attraction and affliction.  She laments, “I hate everything you stand for, now you’ve got me clenching my jaw… and yet I need you to want me more.”  The perils of vanity, the desire to be wanted so they can tell you they don’t want you.  With a catchy pop arrangement and nostalgic appeal, despise is hypnotic.  Subtle hints suggest interest.  Is she playing hard to get?  Or is Russel really so cruel.  Basked in a groovy vibe, it hurts so good.  

  Get lost with despise now on our Best New Synthwave playlist.  

Kevin Whitaker

A large intimidating man observes a festive party.  A fly on the wall, its likes the characters move around him as if he’s part of the furniture.  They act like he’s not really there, they definitely don’t address him.  This sentiment is felt in the cover photo for the new release from Kevin Whitakers Unpredictable Love.  It recounts how in hopeless romance, the unremarkable occasionally prevail.  They’re the couples that stop you in your tracks.  “How did he get her?” 

Don’t count out the quiet ones.  

  It’s not surprising then that Whitaker finds inspiration in the works of LCD soundsystem, and in timeless vibes known to new wave and post punk.  Unsuspecting outcasts who reimagined rocks place in pop.  In the spirit of these classics, Whitaker injects Unpredictable Love with a flavor of 50s melodic sensibility.  Dressed in a synth pop package, it has retro vintage appeal.  

  As Whitaker screams through the chorus sections, the vocal style draws similarities to the Replacements.  Presented in this pop fashion, it’s a rare and satisfying combination.  Whitaker reeks of passion and conviction.  Despite the energetic scream, he can stay within the melodic design.  That combination of raspy delivery and dreamy pop should appeal to fans of Future Islands as well as retrowave acts like The Midnight.  Bringing his personality to this vintage style accelerates the progression of pops first notorious movement. 

Enjoy Unpredictable Love now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


Huyen delivers an intoxicating vibe on the groovy Ilysm.  Her soft voice is seductive. The lyrics only enhance the attraction.  The artist quarrels with complicated love using spatial plotted phrases between long breaths, leaving moments of reflection following every lyrical note.  “Slowly caving in, heavy on my conscious.  How reckless we have been.”

  Soft pads pump beneath a dance groove familiar to EDM.  Minimalist moody vibes recall cult faves The XX and even Rhye.  This soft affect is rooted in the breakthrough R&B of Marvin Gaye, and later king Michael Jackson.  Huyen also digs into MJ’s playbook with a retro syncopated guitar riff.  

  The drums dip in and out with dramatic appeal, as Huyen employs subtle versions of EDM’s signature drop in tandem.  Coming in at only 2 minutes, she leaves room to embellish it live.  This groove could drop even harder on a tasty remix, and stretch into a thirst club mix.  

  Nostalgic with mainstream appeal, Huyen has the crossover potential to match Dua Lipa and The Weeknd.  She could also appeal to underground music fans of the aforementioned XX and more retrowave producers like Floret De Vin.  Only their second release, they have a bright future ahead.  

  Groove to Ilysm now on our Best New Indie Synthwave Playlist.  

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