Best New Indie – Michael Wilford, Markus Murphy, Bloodtooth, Degray

Canadian based songwriter Michael Wilford shines on his new single release Esraela.  Featuring vocals by Elijah Quinn, and co-written by Joshua Litton and Chris Loyd, Wilford showcases his ability to bring people together.  This keen eye on collaboration gives Esraela a pro polish.  Playing to his contributors strengths, Wilford makes Esraela a community event, bringing together some of the best musicians British Columbia has to offer. 

Besides his abilities as the main songwriter, Wilford adopts the classic producer approach as someone who brings people together.  The result is a catchy, infectious single with Brit Pop sensibility.  The vibe is rooted in the now iconic crossover rock of Arctic Monkeys.  It connects with recent Brit songwriters Harvey Jay Dodgson and Sam Fender.  A crisp mix, crystal clear vocal, and stomping backbeat are at the heart of its design.  Pairing Quinn with singer Molly Moolman, sweet harmonies enhance the melodic palette. 

This Rock brings mainstream potential, but could also provide a big boom to the festival stage.  As a single, it catches you quick and never puts you down.  Seductive like his beautiful Esraela, Wilford pens an anthem for a confident suitor.  A song for old school romance relative to modern pioneers taking romance back from Tinder and making it real again.  Swoop her off her feet.

  Be inspired by Esraela, now on our Best New Indie playlist.  

Markus Murphy

Eternal retro soul cruiser Markus Murphy keeps the groove going on his new single Already Blue.  Rooted in Motown era nostalgia and vintage soul classics, Murphy brings bedroom pop sensibility to the Motown sound.  A purveyor of soul’s classic movement, Murphy matches the revivalist intellect of Mark Ronson and Silk Sonic, as call and response choral harmonies known to the Temptations and Four Tops define the vocal design.  

  Already Blue feels genuine, tapping into improv jam vibes that recall the Shadows of Motown.  Embracing the spirit of those early 70s hits when the session band evolved to a looser format and was able to rock around the chart while singers like Marvin Gaye improvised mapped out melodies meant to be flourished.  

  With indie appeal, Murphy also brings a touch of the fresh funky vibes known to Marc Rebillet and the white soul rock of certain My Morning Jacket selections.  Like Jim James, Murphy hangs long expressive notes, bordering on falsetto with scratchy affect.  Stabbing guitars, staccato piano chords, unrestricted bass lines, and swinging drums provide the underbelly.  Sweet horns and synth strings bring lead and color to this soul cruise revival.  In vein of his past works, Murphy stays true to his brand while showcasing stylistic depth. 

  Enjoy Already Blue now on our Best New Indie playlist.  


The minimalist dark pop of Bloodtooth breeds infectious vibes on their new single Let Go.  A hint of lo-fi execution behind a sweet vocal draws cinematic charm.  Let Go is here to get lost in.  It recalls emotional soundtracks, that voice in your head, left solitaire to fully engulf you.  That charm lifted similar acts like The XX, who embraced a similar minimalistic design of pumping bass and scarce electro drums.  It’s all about letting the slightly reverberated vocal ring with character.  You can hear the soul of the singer with little overpower it. 

The fine details of the voice and timbre are on full display, and the lyrics are revealed front and center.  Lyrically Let Go is meant to release you.  It recalls a higher sense of understanding, as the perils od hopeless romance aren’t a total loss.   “You were once in someone’s dream,” the singer laments, knowing that the fleeting feeling at least brings the value of experience.  Bloodtooth wears the influence of experimental musings by Kate Bush and the dreamgaze vibes of Beach House.  There’s a hint of new wave era nostalgia in the chord design, like a slowed down version of The Cure or Cocteau Twins.  Bloodtooth is all about a vibe, and the affect is intoxicating.  

  Get lost and Let Go now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Barcelona based producer Degray makes cinematic soundscapes with pop appeal.  Their new single Burning Me Within should appeal to indie pop and trip hop fans alike.  The crisp texture of the percussive lead brings both melody and rhythm out the gate.  Subtle atmospheric layers roam beneath the main guitar lead that ties the song together.  Employing a sweet female lead, Degray embellishes her talents with tasty vocal effects that vary between alternating echo and phase layers.  There’s a noir affect to this auditory dream world.  The vibe is dark and haunting.  It shares similarities to trip hop acts like Amelie Swann, before revealing a rocking side in the songs outro.  These parallel versions enhance this building cinematic design.  Burning Me Within is both a journey and a song.  It inspires an array of visions that evolve though the songs progressive design.  

The expressive female lead will attract fans of Indie Pop acts like Biig Piig and even the monstrous Billie Eilish.  For Degray, it should entice more collaboration opportunities as the artist looks to expand the possibilities of their writing.  With a prolific burst of singles in 2022, expect more tasty tunes in the near future.  

  Enjoy Burning Me Within now on our Best New Indie playlist

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