Best New Rock – The Lowtones, Mercvrial, The Deepest Shade, Golden Richards

The Lowtones follow up the debut single Breaking Out with their new EP Front Row Empty.  Kicking off with the infectious Let Go, elegant post punk nostalgia should please fans of The Cure and Echo and The Bunnymen.  There’s an indie sensibility in the vein of Interpol and Darkwave.  

  Funeral brings more of a new wave sensibility, connecting with early guitar based New Order.  Unorthodox drum patterns and intriguing guitar parts recalls the players known to Joy Division’s legendary transformation.

  The new wave and post punk ethos interject on the remaining three tracks.   The vocals are full of attitude and convincing contempt.  The black leather modern mods drip with tempered disgust.  Recalling the roots of punk, a disdain for clean calculated vocal designs.  The emphasis is on swagger and grit.  The Lowtones offer something true in a world of fluff.  Coming in hot, they knock it out of the park on their first collective EP.  They’ve already found their style, and the 6 songs known to their young catalog make sense together.  

  The Lowtones formed in February 2020, right before lockdown.  They persevered and plotted to make Front Row Empty a reality.  A collection this good should fill the seats, as The Lowtones have buzz band potential.  They fit in nicely next to emerging indies The Districts and Korine.  Their carving out their own stylistic space, but fans of post punk, dark indie rock, and dark wave will all take pleasure in these black leather vibes.  

  Give in to Let Go, now on our Best New Rock playlist


Post Punk and Dream Pop intersect elegantly on Brief Algorithms, the debut LP from Mercvrial.  The Mexican based project bring emotive chord designs.  The opening track, Be That Someone, is retro rock gold.  It starts with the trebly picked bass known to 80s alternative.  The guitar flashes heavy doses of wave inspired riffs and washed out melodies.  The vocal is equally melodic and percussive, adding to the groove and swagger. 

  As the record develops a greater affinity for pop and catchy vamps shines through, but Mercvrial always retains evidence of dark 80s alternative.  Combined with their signature touch and proficient songwriting skills, it’s infectious.  

  Featuring 8 originals plus Pink Floyd and Ultravox covers, the band displays variation with alterations on their signature style.  They’re presenting this masterpiece on 250 limited White Vinyls courtesy of Crafting Room Recordings guaranteed to gain cult status.  Get yours now

  Get acquainted with Be That Someone now on our Best New Rock playlist.  

The Deepest Shade

The Deepest Shade created their first EP Reflections as a sampling of their sound and a vision of what to expect on their upcoming full length album.  Setting the bar high, the four song release is all killer no filler.  The foursome is bringing rock back to its proper full band roots.  There’s evidence of shoe gaze influence, as the 1st half is a healthy dose of heavy soundscapes and syncopated rhythms. 

The slow release of the vocals brings an ethereal presence.  The guitars alternate between percussive rhythms and atmospheric layers. The bass adds to the melodic movement, navigating these dissonant scales in harmonious response.  The drums are the main driving force that pushes this machine forward.  Reflections is upbeat.  The heavier under layers creeping through the first two tracks progressively hit harder towards the second half of Drifting.  By Thoughts Witheld the heavier influences are in clear focus.  Like Deafheaven, The Deepest Shade navigates between beautifully melodic hard rock and heavy raging riffs.  The goth sensibility and melodic bass movements also conjure comparisons to A Perfect Circle and their beautiful dark brooding designs.

  The Deepest Shade has more in common with Rock’s last stand, connecting with bands like Deftones and a Perfect Circle above modern indie rock acts.  They would fit in well with some of our other underground discoveries, Fanchon and TASH, joining an emerging movement of female vocals in hard rock. 

Enjoy Mind Control now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Golden Richards – Shake Your Hair

The good times are rolling in on Shake Your Hair, the new single from Golden Richards.  Refreshing upbeat triumphant anthems are rare these days.  Despite our affinity for dark pop, Shake Your Hair breaks through.  The chords recall a treasured era in indie rock, when it sprung out of alternative.  Evidence exists in STP’s Shangri La before being fully realized by underground bands like Doves and cult heroes Queens Of The Stone Age.  Golden Richards updates this aesthetic with an emphatic performance and a hint of drama.  The bands energy recalls the pick me up pop of The Vines and The Hives.  The vocals bring contrast to that style with a timbre more familiar to 90s pop rock.  The outro comes with a theatrical twist, and a vocal run that could draw similarities to Queen.  

  Overall Shake Your Hear is an empose of influence without becoming derivative.  It’s a quality pop work in a credible rock package.  

  Power pop with Big Hooks, that’s their motto and they wear it well.  The bright vintage guitar tones and layered vocals add a hint of retro, another nod to their influences and the angst that made it cool.  

  “Do you wanna dance?  I just want to take you out tonight.”  Golden Richards aren’t afraid to flaunt a bit of flare.  With conviction, they can get straight to the point and go with the flow.  Give yourself to it, and the feel good vibes take control.  “Leave them all behind it will be alright.”

  Go ahead and Shake Your Hair, now on our Best New Rock playlist.  

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