Retro Pop Revival – The Awkward, Juliander, Red Skies Mourning, Aggressive Soccer Moms

Retrofuturism thrives on George Gorgeous, the new single from The Awkward.  Somewhere between Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, and Europe, the new single has all the flash and flare that makes 80s music legendary. 

Connecting with snythwaves revival aesthetic, The Awkward conjure cinematic visions of discovery in fast moving montage scenes.  The appreciating synth bass, snappy drums, and roto toms set the retro rhythmic underlayer.  The emphatic, theatrical vocal emulates the standard of 80s pop, as if Rick Astley and David Bowie had a love child.  Ripe with attitude, it gives George Gorgeous a fashionable chic uplift.  Employing the classic 80s style sustained distortion guitar, The Awkward draw similarities to synthwave producers like Sebastian Gampl.  

  Hailing from the Netherlands, The Awkward reside in an affluent 80s synth pop scene.  Nordic listeners just can’t get enough of the classic retro sound.  The peak of intellectual dance music, it recalls a time when club music was inspiring and intelligent.  Recalling some of the classic acts that launched NRW’s initial retrowave movement, The Awkward fits in well with acts like Mitch Murder, Sunglasses Kid, and the aforementioned Gampl.  

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Swedish songwriter Juliander is on the rise.  The new single Cold Shoulder could be this summer’s big splash.  It feeds our 80s obsession with an updated sonic appeal.  A nostalgic vibe with a modern aesthetic, it recalls synthwave inspired mainstream hits by The Weeknd and Dua Lupa.  The artist cites a diverse list of influences including Kanye West, the 1975, and indie icons Bon Iver.  He’s already performed at Coachella, recorded with Noah Cyrus, and toured with Alan Walker.  With over 150k current monthly listeners, Juliander is on the verge of a breakout. 

Fueled by catchy melodies and an impressive croon, Juliander crafts catchy gems that get under your skin.  His vocal delivery on Cold Shoulder could draw comparisons to Justin Bieber.  It’s sexy, confident, sure of itself.  The cascading lyrics display the aforementioned hip hop influence in a clear pop package.  Mixed and mastered to industry standard, Cold Shoulder comes radio ready.  With a heavy dose of 80s pop influence, it’s bound to blow up. 

  Juliander describes Cold Shoulder as the “best accident I’ve ever made.”  Born out of a session with producer Pretty Young and writer Isak Hallén, the new single came about after cutting the chorus out of another work in progress and building a new idea around it.  Capturing the essence of that moment, the single embraces a sense of anthemic charm.  

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Red Skies Mourning

Red Mourning Skies caught our attention with their new single Where You Been?  The Baltimore based synth pop artist has retro appeal.  The evolving appreggiating synth that introduces the new single recalls synthwaves first analog heavy incarnations.  A songwriter first, Red Mourning Skies designs an elegant arrangement with unfamiliar chord movements and passionate vocals.  Constantly tweaking the synths tonal elements and introducing exciting layers and sonic treats with every new section, the artist keeps your attention with melodic surprise.  

  A rich prolific catalog that varies between modern pop and releases with heavier retro influence, Red Mourning Skies is building an impressive discography.  For his more wave-centric releases, he could draw comparisons to synthwave super-acts like Michael Oakley and Ollie Wride. 

This classic electro pop vibe recalls icons like Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, and Soft Cell.  Artists who reinvented how synths were used in pop.  Their influence is at the core of the emerging 80s pop revival, and Red Skies Mourning makes a nice addition to synthwaves new mainstream aiming cousins.  Already getting attention in the alt-pop world, its just a matter of time before wavers claim him for themselves. 

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Aggressive Soccer Moms

Lo-Fi Post Punk duo Aggressive Soccer Moms capture vintage vibes on their new single It’s Not Love.  There’s a hint of melancholy to this nostalgia.  The minimalistic arrangement emphasizes the drama, as a pleading vocal intersects a roaming guitar.  Every guitar note is carefully plotted to work around the emotional vocal. 

These haunting vibes could draw comparisons to post punk icons like The Cure and The Killing Joke.  There’s an aura of the goth underlayer known to darkwave.  With a classic drum machine underneath, Aggressive Soccer Moms deliver heavy 80s vibes. 

Coming out of the early punk movement in the late 70s, the duo have lived through the evolution from alternative to indie.  Having been brought up through it, they bring true authenticity to our growing thirst for more 80s inspired releases.  This is less of a revival and more about musical truth.  For Aggressive Soccer Moms, this is their sound, the music of their generation.  A lot of these acts gave so much of themselves that their creative skills perished with the drugs and fast lifestyle of the decade.  Aggressive Soccer Moms are rare survivors of this glorious period, still able to capture the essence of post punk in modern times.  Dig in to the origins of dark pop on this new under the radar masterpiece.  

  Enjoy It’s Not Love now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

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