Women Of Trip Hop – Camila Andrew, Earth To Eve, Daria Purley

Camila Andrew bursts onto the international pop scene with her new single What Do You Want?  The Colombian based artist has a rich, smoky delivery that’s bound to draw comparisons to Sade.  Chic and sexy, Camila is an intoxicating siren.  The raw character of her voice is seductive.  The dreamy grooving production has an exotic appeal.  It recalls trip hop producers like Thievery Corporation, who bring an affinity for world music into their beats.  The minimalistic arrangement tricks your mind into filling in additional chord variations, but the effect is an illusion.  With space to flow, Camila flaunts her vocal prowess.  Alone with the beat, at times it recalls Lauryn Hills vocal mix on the Fugees smash hit Killing Me Softly.  

  Coming out of the songs opening section is an ethereal vocal break that introduces a bridge section with an exotic male vocal.  The pseudo rap rhythm feature brings percussive articulation.  The contrast is exhilarating, and impressively blends back into the songs first section.  

  The team behind the new release includes Producer Monts, grammy winning mixing engineer Kiko Castro, grammy winning Mastering engineer Carlos Silva.  With star power and undeniable sex appeal, Camila Andrew hopes to lure fans from mega stars like Arianna Grande and Kehlani.  

Like Sade, Camila Andrew is splintering out of the Colombian jazz scene and into the world of pop.  This groovy rhythm palette built around samples and loops brings a 90s aesthetic, and could connect with fans of Trip Hops DJ oriented roots.  

  Enjoy What do you want?   Now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Earth To Eve

LA based artist Earth to Eve captivates on Everyone Says.  The anthemic single is innovative in how it blends the artists various influences.  On the outset it sounds like the opening to a Beatles song, but with a hard hitting beat and her tasty vocal, it bring an affinity for hip hop in pop that connects with crossover artists like Citizen Cope.  

  Her vocal is full of attitude and swagger.  It recalls the empowered underground vibes of Amy Winehouse, taking cues from Jazz and R&B while also staying true to streets.  The vibe is tough.  It’s the kind of performance that inspires you to show props.  Earth to Eve is revealing herself with conviction and pomp.  Her vocal is in total control of the mood of the song.  It’s the leading indicator to her trademark sound, and the hallmark of what could be a fantastic career.  

  Her street wise attitude connects with the songs lyrics, as the artist recites a history of unwanted advice.  She wrote the song when she first moved to LA 3 years ago.  Jumping into the wild industry hotbed that is LA likely drew ire and criticism from a few former friends.  Eve would have had fresh ammunition for this snarky poetry.  “Everyone says they know what’s best for me.”  The difficult content brings a dark pop sensibility.  Earth to Eve isn’t afraid to get real.  Armed with a chill-hop beat and dramatic chord progression, she could draw similarities to 90s Trip Hop icons Sneaker Pimps and Moloko.  

  Flying too far under the radar, enjoy Everyone Says now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist. 

Daria Purley

Daria Purley puts us on notice with her new single Trenchcoat Season.  Vintage retro vibes spark with an indie sensibility on this intoxicating slow groove.  Purley’s soulful vocal stylings tread the coasts of pop with classic appeal.  Dark creeping string and synth under layers build in tandem with her vibrant performance.  Her voice trembles with overwhelming emotion and a hint of pain, a reference to her affinity for the blues and its tragic roots.  Bred from the depths of systematic oppression, the blues was the first American underground musical movement, our own brand of gypsy folklore.  Based out of Calgary, Daria honors the tradition well, her voice is raw and believable.  

Daria Purley (photo credit @lukavellii)

  With deep bass and subtle atmosphere, Daria Purley connects with trip-hops groovier pop evolution.  It combines the soul revival appeal of artists like Joss Stone with the vibe of chameleon indie starlets like Sharon Van Etten.  

  A clever lyricist, the sneaky trench coat innuendo brings sexy mystery.  In classic fashion, it’s powerful seduction.  Instead of the modern idea of showing all of it, she shows none of it.  The appeal is vintage classy.  Lyrically, though, it’s not all as it seems.  The rain is coming down on this soiree, as this lover has enjoyed their last reveal.  

  Enjoy Trenchcoat Season now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist 

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