Emerging Folk – Jade Stanger, Sam and The Sea, Ciao! , Jacob Rountree

Jade Stanger builds a rich dreamy arrangement to enrich her new single As Long as You Try.  These folk pop vibes reimagine the orchestral layers of classic folk with an electronic palette.  It suggests what Simon & Garfunkel or Pet Sounds might have sounded like if they were released today. 

Stanger spares no utility, layering a warped vocal beneath her voice and coloring the world around the new single with otherworldly expressive samples.  Percussive ticks and snaps create a groovy foundation.  Combined with the sweet affect of her voice, As Long As You Try is sweet serenity.  

  The folktronica vibe could draw similarities to Bon Iver and Jesca Hoop.  Stanger is equally intoxicating, and brings an even heavier dream pop quality to the style.  It also connects with Emerging indie artists like Girlhouse, Clairo, and Wallice.  In the vein of these artists Stanger is innovative in how she is reimagining productions place in female fronted acoustic based pop.  Only her third release, Stanger should fit in nice with this growing musical movement.  

  Enjoy As Long as You Try now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 

Sam and the Sea

Get lost in the immersive oceanic auditorium that is Evil Ghosts, the  new single by Sam and The Sea.  

An open air atmosphere churns beneath Sam’s dreamy writing.  In the tradition of ASMR it tickles your senses and enhances the sonic experience.  

  Evil Ghosts is soft sweet indie folk with subtle pop vibes.  The minimalist design and simple dance beat hits like a folk interpretation of The XX.  The songs tantric nature could also draw similarities to Jose Gonzalez and Thom Yorke.  The artist also cites Elliot Smith as an influence, and the new single delivers the sincere somber vibes known to this indie icon.  

  Sam and the Sea casts a wide net in a small package.  Clocking in under 2 and a half minutes, the dream of Evil Ghosts is fleeting and to the point.  

  The crisp, textured guitar is exotic, conjuring eastern vibes.  Ticking percussion and vibey synths creep in around the half way point, as these conceptual ghosts close in.  It’s equal parts musical theatre and just a chill AF song to listen to. The multi-format artist creates the perfect soundtrack for his visual art. 

  Dig into the video above, and enjoy Evil Ghosts now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


Ciao! changed us forever with their new single Mayday in E Major.  The experimental mixed format release is fresh electronic psychedelic art pop.  Breaking the boundaries of popular structure, the new release is a sonic journey.  Your drawn into the artists astrological music world. 

Mayday in E Major is like its own living breathing organism of musical design.  The vibey musical ingredients are so vibrant you can taste them.  There’s an aura of retro influence to the artists art pop leanings.  It should please fans of David Byrne and Peter Gabriel, artists who have pushed the envelope of popular music, disregarding construct and reimagining melody in a new free flowing format.  It stays within the gaze of pop, as these melodies retain an element of catchy appeal.  Committed to an ethereal aesthetic, the result is euphoric.  

  The single is set to be included on the forthcoming album “Scary Haha,” which tells the story of the artist’s early battles with severe illness, treatment, recovery, and uncertainty.  The jagged musical offering connects with this difficult content.  In the spirit of healing 20% of all proceeds from the artist are donated to The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

  Enjoy Mayday in E Major, now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Jacob Rountree

Jacob Rountree returns with his new single Walk A Mile.  The fun upbeat release is insatiably catchy.  It’s the feel good sound that also serves your thirst for interesting melodies and intricate arrangements. 

Walk A Mile gets you moving as it alternates between a stomp-and-holler straightforward rhythm and a hybrid island beat.  The vibe could draw similarities to Shakey Graves and the Lumineers, troubadour crossovers who’ve been adopted in the world of pop with their undeniable infection.  

  The first thing to grab you is Rountree’s raw smoky vocal delivery.  There’s a hint of the rasp that drew legions to Ray LaMontagne and Nathaniel Rateliff.  For decades we’ve been drawn to interesting voices that transcend our preconceived understanding of a weathered’s voice capabilities.  The ability to remain dynamic and in-tune while remaining raw and lush invigorates us. 

Rountree’s voice is rich with harmonious under layers, as the lush elements of his voice create musical undertones and depth.  Paired with his penchant for catchy melodies, Walk A Mile draws more excitement in anticipation for Rountree’s June 3rd album release ”As I See It

  Start off with Walk A Mile now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

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