Best New Rock – Marble, Pastis, E-PO, groan room

Portland based rockers Marble have been paying their dues, ripping it up and down the west coast in search of Rock & Roll gold.  The unrelenting passion can be heard in the quiver of their singers voice.  The new epic slow gaze single bleed me out captivates with raw emotion and intense musical swings.  

  At the core of Marble is a working collaboration that gifts prolific musical gems.  It’s no secret that we’ve got them near the top of our list of buzz bands to watch.  It’s the combination of superb songwriting and enigmatic star power that is frontwoman Chantel Bailey.  With modest intention she doesn’t demand your attention, she just gets it.  A combination of undeniable talent and rare fiery beauty, she’s a treasure of mystery and curious appeal.

 In unison with Mathew Blount, the duo create rich sonic atmospheres that scan a wide spectrum in rock.  A bit of grunge and post rock all have a stake in this design.  The new single might be their most retrospective yet.  These epic vibes could draw comparisons to recent releases by Brandi Carlile and Florence Welsh.  There’s also a hint of the melancholy dark vibes known to Portishead.  The single adds a different shade of dark to their rich expanding catalog.  Altogether they’re building a collection that shows versatility and breadth of influence.  The eclectic presentation creates a cinematic live experience, one big auditory trip of whiplash emotion and affect.  

  The future of Rock has a champion in Marble.  With clear hints of 90s alternative influence, they are purveyors of a dying era, and they do it well.  They belong in the mix with bands like The Districts and Idles, not because they sound like them, but because they embrace that same ethos of pushing Rock music forward and making it fresh again.  

  Enjoy bleed me out now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  


Helsinki five piece Pastis caught our attention with their new single It’s A Wonderful Life.   The hard hitting beat has Brit Pop swagger, and the vocal is full of attitude and contempt. The tight band arrangement reclaims the organs proper place in rock. A straight up rock and roll release, Pastis is a proper full band revival in the era of bedroom pop.  The new recording captures their live energy well.  It’s a musical postcard to see them in concert.  DJ’s just can’t hold up to the ferocity of a full piece band, and Pastis look to slay the competition.  

  It’s A Wonderful Life brings the melodic vocal attention known to the 60s and the 90s Brit Pop resurgence.  There’s also a hint of the blues rock known to The Black Crows.  With an indie sensibility, it could draw similarities to Spoon, Sam Fender, and Arctic Monkeys.  Produced with a dense layered arrangement there’s also evidence of indie rocks first movement, connecting with bands like Doves and Kaiser Chiefs.  

  It’s A Wonderful Life has cinematic appeal.  Inspired by the movie of the same name as well as Pretty Woman, the band pays tribute to these iconic films.  It’s interesting how they connected these two movies for this concept.  Much like James Stewarts character, Richard Gere’s could buy anything he wanted, but could not find happiness.  It was the grace of those who were less fortunate that made them appreciate what they have.  

  Buy in to It’s A Wonderful Life now on our Best New Rock Playlist 


E-PO grabbed us and never put us down with their new single Mother.  The Birmingham based rockers explode out the gate on their debut release.  Old school riffage and chaotic drums collide between a sultry vocal.  Entering an exciting movement in female lead rock, E-PO connect with emerging bands like Fanchon and TASH who are making some of the hardest hitting melodic rock in years.  E-PO add a sense of alt-punk in the vein of Paramore and Nothing But Thieves, but ultimately E-PO is less Pop and more ripe attitude. 


The sultry draw from the female vocal brings intoxicating contrast to the musics hard hitting design.  The combination of melody and raw riffage brings mainstream potential, as Mother could crossover between the underground to radio stardom.  Mixed tight and with pro execution, E-PO does not mess around.  Their first single comes radio ready and displays an advanced understanding of how to skip your way to the front of the line.  They mixed it well, but the writing alone should attract righteous attention. Mother is a catchy melodic hit that should draw fans from all corners of rock.  A solid debut from out of nowhere. 

  Get hooked on Mother, now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

groan room

groan room are here for a good time.  The genuine vibe is on full affect on their new single Holy Ravioli!  Fun as it sounds, when the full band kicks in this jam straight slaps.  The fuzzy melodic guitars rage as the drums crash beneath.  The sarcastic hipster sample chiming underneath the raging guitar solo reflects the challenge of jaded cynicism that corrupts a solid local scene.  Not afraid to take it head on, the group describes themselves as “a bunch of blokes who are old enough to know better mucking about in the back room.”  

  The highlight of Holy Ravioli! is the raging energetic rocking section.  It recalls garage rocks vintage ethos, that initial incarnation when high school friends got together just to cut loose and get in a few kicks. 

groan room pairs good fun with an acquired understanding on how to craft a fresh arrangement.  Not afraid to mix it up, the raging section is bookended by two cleaner chill sections.  The juxtaposition is what makes the energetic section so pleasing, and the band leaves room to flesh it out live.  The lighter section has some Mac Demarco vibes, while the heavier upbeat section could draw similarities to Car Seat Headrest and Dinosaur Jr.  

  Chill then rage then chill to Holy Ravioli!  Now on our Best New Rock Playlist 

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