Best New Indie – Geez Louise, Noah Richardson, littleDNGR, Maja Kristina

Geez Louise caught our attention with their new release Candy Bruise.  The Nashville based foursome displays many shades on this eclectic 6 song release.  They draw from a vast influential well, like on the polar presentations of Old Haunts and Solipsism.  On one hand they can be sugar sweet, with hints of a jazz pop and summer smooth beachy vibes.  They also have an undeniable aught indie side in the spirit of The Strokes and The National. 

With a sweet vocal, the full production brings serene contrast.  Found in classic acts like The Pretenders and most recently with Phoebe Bridgers and Angel Olson, vocalist Sierra burns like a delicate fire, with a smooth natural timbre that gets under your skin.  Careful lyrical choices display her intellect as a student of the craft.  She never sounds derivative but you can apply a spectrum of influence.  The band match her mystery with tonal intellect and coordinated rhythmic drama. 

Geez Louise is very much a working collaboration, with everything existing in tandem together.  The band knows when to pick it up and embellish their leads, and when to settle down and let Sierra have a moment. They shows a second level on raunchy breakouts like Out, out!  They bring it back down for the indie pop ballad Bury The Lead.  In that way Candy Bruise is very much a symposium of their stylistic intent. 

Altogether the collection has cinematic appeal.  At times Sierra’s sweet touch gives the vibe a dreamy aura, but mostly it celebrates their abilities as a groove rock machine.  They’re the basement party band of your dreams, they don’t have to play super loud to get their point across and they brings something for everyone to enjoy.  You’ll even have a chance to slow dance between showcases of emphatic Rock.  Whether its the 60s pop of Bury The Lead or the 90s alternative vibes of Placing Bets, they pack a lot of history into Candy Bruise  

  A solid release front to back, get started with Old Haunts now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Noah Richardson

Noah Richardson finds his groove on the infectious new single Wherever You Go.  This is the sweet indie pop that our soul craves.  A combination of chill aesthetic and groove, the mellow vibes go down easy but provide enough of a beat for you to bop to.  The mixed format release has widespread appeal.  It could crossover into the realm of mainstream with a picture perfect vocal and Richardson’s boyish charm. 

Mostly this chill pop sound has been embraced by the NPR machine and underground spin offs.  With a strummed guitar over an electro beat, its what we imagine Phoenix would sound like if they were produced by The XX and featured Rhye on vocals.  Richardson fits in well with bedroom pop buzz artists like Chiiild, Joji, and Biig Piig.  You can even trace this sound back to Washed Out and indie pops early pioneers who melded festival EDM with pop.  

  Nonetheless, this isn’t your average bedroom pop product.  Richardson boasts rare vocal talents and an impressive range.  He draws an abundance of feel and sneaky sex appeal as he tags measured vibrato on the end of extended lines.  He can bellow or croon before lifting out into a falsetto, all with the accuracy and affect to let it feel natural.  The songwriting is quality, but its the execution on the new release that really makes it fantastic.  Produced and mixed by Tyler Ripley, Wherever You Go is a polished radio ready release. 

  Checkout Wherever You Go now on our Best New Indie Playlist 


littleDNGR stays within brand on the new single I Love Danger. We were quickly drawn to this fun, energetic rhythm design.  This is insatiable classic punk infused indie pop, NOT to be confused with pop punk.  This is drawn from the lineage of the Sex Pistols as opposed to The Ramones. It’s full of raw reckless attitude and conviction.  The tempo palette and punchy backbone is the first thing to grab you, but it’s the stylish vocal that seals the deal.  There’s a hint of frustration and angst, that initial Friday night release after a week of waiting for the weekend to come.  Its the proper soundtrack to break you out of your pandemic doldrums and get you back into the swing of routine debauchery and unfiltered excess.  

  For us,  I Love Danger isn’t about putting yourself in harms way, its more in reference to reclaiming your sexual energy.  The Danger is when you get caught up in your feelings.  The lyrics feel focused on that initial fun, and never descend into the harsh realities of the aftermath.  If you’re devilish enough to keep it fun, you may never have to face your feelings.  

Bandmates Joshua Bartholomew and Lisa Harriton are no strangers to creative metaphorical cloaking.  They know a culture obsessed with sex wouldn’t rush to a song about a career pivot, so they dressed it in this favorable poetry, but beneath the surface I Love Danger has a deeper meaning.  The Grammy and Oscar Nominated team are taking the reins with littleDNGR.  They call their style cinema-grunge-pop.  It fits in well with bands like Dehd, Phantogram, Grouplove,or historically Gnarls Barkley and TV On The Radio.  The punk based proto-pop is a fair launch, but littleDNGR retains sonic autonomy.  The crisp textured recording and tight execution match the industry standard.  With just two singles to show, the sky is the limit. 

Say you knew them early, jump into I Love Danger now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Maja Kristina

Indie pop has a new starlet in Maja Kristina.  Her undeniable talent is on full display with the new single Neighborhood.  She embraces a stylistic design known to the new indie pop sound of our times.  Beneath Neighborhood is a rich atmospheric layer of soft synths and ethereal vocals.  On top its punchy anthemic pop with a hint of retro inspiration.  The songwriting brings enough variation and unfamiliarity to make it indie, but Maja is an A-list vocal talent, with the ability to present these vocals clear and to the front.  

  With complete control she manages the conceptual vibe without a need for heavy vocal effects.  The chill pop presentation of Neighborhood suits us, but a more mainstream iteration has been found in her hits Slow Hand and No Fake Love.  

  For us, Neighborhood is like a calling card to the industry, showcasing her indie pop potential to possible collaborators abroad.  Produced in this style, Maja Kristina fits in well with Holly Humberstone, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Barrie.  She could also attract more mainstream comparisons including recent cuts by Taylor Swift.  

  We doubt she retains her “indie” status forever.  Maja seems destined to get picked up by a major.  The Swedish artist has all the makings of an international star.  She’s already collaborating with writers in LA as industry insiders have recognized her incredible potential.  Neighborhood has room to run, with several editorial placements it could be her breakout release.  We’re already hooked.

  Dig in to Neighborhood now on our Best New Indie Playlist

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