Emerging Folk – Seiichi, Faae, Route 500, Darcy Kate

Seattle based songwriter Seiichi is serene on their new single Excuses.  Chill pop with an R&B flare, Excuses is undeniably soothing.  The artists vocal is ripe with feel and resolution.  The lyrics reflect the young artist’s recent divorce.  Having married at 19, they’ve already absorbed an abundance of experience.  It culminates in an interesting blend of youth and mature awareness compared to their peers.  It reflects in their art and the direct lyrical correlations littered throughout Excuses.  “…And we’re talking bout things we really want to be, say I need a little time but I’m glad you’re here with me.  But that was not the first thing he said and it will not be the last.  Can’t I just remind you that I never really asked.” 

  Stylistically Excuses exists somewhere between the jazzy-folk of Kings of Convenience and the emotive chill pop fusion of Rhye.  There’s also evidence of the Phoenix sophomore release Alphabetical, their only acoustic heavy album. 

Seiichi drops alternating infectious grooves to bring variation to the tempo arrangement.  Excuses is received smooth, but would fit just as well at a low key dance party.  The affect is intoxicating with a sweet voice, rich chords, and a cool tonal palette.  The performance is dreamy without relying on heavy doses of atmosphere and reverb to take you there.  Just a sweet falsetto and a groove that hits just right. 

  Enjoy Excuses now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 


Faae is a revelation on the inspirational new release summer song.  The Orlando based artist creates a big beautiful layered arrangement featuring rich textured acoustics.  Played within and between each other, fluttering countermelodies dance around the central strumming rhythm.  Faae delivers a believable performance to enhance her lyrical poetry.  This is a summer song for the introspective wanderer, the over-thinker, the relentless dreamer.  “Taking more than I’m giving in my house built out of sand, watching hourglasses til the end of the evening news.  It’s hard to be better when there’s no one to account for you.”

  Orlando is not the ideal setting for an emerging indie poet.  Faae would fit well in the hipster hoods knowns to Philly, Nashville, or Austin; where these dreamy indie soundscapes would be embraced.  Luckily the internet grants her the option to break through, and she should.  Fans of Feist, Girlhouse, and Wallice will revel in these indie folk vibes.  There’s a hint of punk influence that breaks through in the chordal design and melodic spectrum.  There’s also a subtle classic sensibility known to Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. 

What’s most striking, is how Faae is received from the heart.  The sincere, poignant performance begs to waiver when she’ll just run away.  There’s intention too, summer song recalls her frustrations with the ongoing climate crisis, and how she laments our pattern of in-action.  It’s not so much a call to arms as it is an artistic portrayal of her experience.  You can connect with this message but you won’t escape the infectious vibe, summer song is just plain beautiful.  

  Summer song is included win a 3 song release title rudolph, which also features a cover of the Phoebe Bridgers hit kyoto.  Altogether these are some heavy sad girl vibes. 

  Get lost to summer song now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 

Route 500

UK artist Route 500 is dark and reflective on the new single Not Today.  It’s easy to get lost in the slow haunting groove, as it conjures memories of sadness and sorrow.  The vibe is propelled by droning chord movements and the artists drawn out melodies and creepy layered vocal production.  There’s a 90s sensibility to the chord design, suggesting possible influences like Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.  There’s also a harmonic sensibility in the vocal known to more modern acts like Grizzly Bear and Red House Painters. 

Altogether the comparisons only lend to offer a stylistic range as Route 500 is truly crafting a singular sound.  We were equally drawn to his single Hit Zero, and we have an affinity for artists who show stylistic diversity while staying within a reasonable melodic framework.  Not Today is a strong addition to the artists growing catalog.  Since 2020 they’ve been dripping out singles, self producing and releasing their own work.  

  The tonal palette on Not Today is dark and brooding.  The bright colors come in the form of a patient trebly lead that dances around the artists contemplative croon.  Revelatory lyrics are spaced around this slow groove, as the tempo suits the artists slow draw.  The artist has a way of divulging the trivial complexities of relationships.   “I’d have to be cruel to be some kind of comfort to you.”  It’s an odd dysfunction we all know too well, a maladaptive resolve when change is desired out of conflict.  Not Today feels like it’s dedicated to breaking the cycle, and the music turns epic in the second half, as the band picks up in tandem with the passionate vocal lifts.  

A strong release from a TWIC favorite. Enjoy Not Today now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Darcy Kate

From the Sunshine Coast we are gifted songwriter Darcy Kate.  The Australian native recently released a 10 song debut called Wanderer.  The expansive release has contemporary sensibility with the awareness of a student of pop.  Darcy is careful to craft her own signature sound into the fabric of acoustic pop.  There’s evidence of breakout stars like Jewel and Vanessa Carlton on songs like Last Train to Frankston and Dorothy.  There’s also notes of crossover hybrid artists like Norah Jones on cuts like Oh Bingo and Hold.  

  She is also quick to embrace her love for Springsteen.  She shares his penchant for storytelling, particularly she romantically dresses the plight of small town upbringings.  She immortalizes it elegantly on the standout track Run Away.  “We can be the ones who make it out, we can be the ones to beat the 9 to 5 misery.  We can runaway.  You can run ahead, I’ll follow you anywhere.”

  It’s not all sunflowers and sunshine.  Darcy gets sultry on the slow blues roll of Blue Cascade.  Her vocal delivery transforms with attractive smoky emotion.  The diverse styles that makeup the record bring cumulative mystery.  It speaks to her breadth of experience and emotive complexities.  

  The presentation is classic, with a steady backbeat and an array of tempo designs to accentuate her charm.  With a sugar sweet voice that’s always on point, Darcy Kate is a sure thing.

  Get started with Run Away now on our Emerging Folk Playlist  

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