Best New Synthwave – Last Motion Picture, Drew Knight & Bradley Denniston, Rogue FX, Willjoy

Last Motion Picture is anthemic on Your Heart Is A Stranger’s House.  Indie pop with a synthwave heart, songwriter Andy James knows how to pen a nostalgic hook.  The chorus of the new single grabs you and never lets go.  You can trace these classic vibes all the way back to Boys of Summer up through recent retrowave creations by The Midnight.  With influences ranging from The Cure to Bon Iver, James displays an affinity for dark emotive melodies.  With a rich almost smoky delivery, he has the chops to transmit these vintage feels with authenticity and conviction.  

The musical design features impressive fast paced tasty guitar work throughout.  Combined with crisp textured synths, the track has a lively in the moment feel, as opposed to the bedroom producer pop that crowds the genre.  It’s a testament to his work with producers Andy Hawkins (Pigeon Detectives) and Dom Bennison (Medicine Room Studios).  A pro effort front to back, the single is soundtrack ready for the next 80s throwback hit. 

Get up to Your Heart Is A Stranger’s House now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Drew Knight & Bradley Denniston

Drew Knight is catchy on his new single Stars.  Connecting with the classic synthwave pop based aesthetic, Stars recalls the vibe of the 80s updated with a modern sensibility. The track was co-written, performed on and executive produced by Bradley Denniston, a highly-credited LA based producer with Oscar & Grammy nominated work. Bradley’s credits also include The Lego Movie Soundtrack, the Netflix Series Cannon Busters Soundtrack, G-Eazy, Marty Grimes, and many more.  Not surprisingly, Stars is a fun dance ready synth pop hit.  It connects with recent mainstream retro-dipped releases by The Weeknd as well as classic synthwave cuts from artists like Michael Oakley and Sebastian Gampl.  

The ingredients of punchy synth bass, shimmering synths, roto electro tom, and a stylish backbeat scream with 80s appeal.  Stars also owns all the lyrical imagery to illustrate your imaginative montage.  “Holding back all your tears for the weekend, you only love them when they fall off the deep end.  In a skin tight dress you fit right in.”

Stars solidify’s itself with an emphatic hook, a trademark in classic pop.  Lost on most modern Indies, Knight and Denniston know how to implant their catchy melodies rent free.  

Get stuck on Stars now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Rogue FX

Rogue FX retains the spirit of the classic 80s with their new single Retrobution.  Producer Andrew Wood revisits the sound of the underground, capturing the spirit of synth club classics.  The electro design recalls classic cuts by Depeche Mode and Yazoo.  There’s an iconic innocence to this retro appeal, when fun and excitement were at the forefront of the movement.  

Clearly conjuring the classic sound, Rogue FX is unique in their attempt to revitalize a style that is less commonly travelled.  This is closer to the sound that inspired 90s pop, with sharp action hits and melodic percussion.  Wood even tweaks his vocal to give it cosmic otherworldly appeal.  The veteran producer is just returning to the scene after 20 years away.  He previously released music with 90s dance group Bass Value.  Relive the classic sound of our favorite era, straight from an original.  

Enjoy Retrobution now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist 


The intense retro pop of Willjoy is on full display with the new 13 song album One coin Two sides.  A self taught producer, the sonic design presents some thick bass depth.  The vibe as a whole is enhanced by his trademark voice.  A robust bass with raw sex appeal, Willjoy could excite a party looking to get frisky. 

There are some undeniable sexy vibes to these vocal numbers, and the album as a whole is pumped up rave ready pound the floor club hits.  The synth choices bring retro appeal, dipping into the worlds of dark synth. 

Willjoy weaves between the ethos of EDM and synthwave seamlessly.  With Scandinavian roots there’s a clear Euro influence.  The result is cinematic and truly original.  Lyrically awash with innuendos with song titles like Blow By Blow and Ride The Train, the album is refreshingly jovial, with vocal hints guaranteed to get a response from a thirsty festival crowd.  Willjoy is a straight up vibe, and the album altogether could be the cornerstone to a memorable night out with friends.  

Get Slam Drunk, you know you want to.  Now on our Best New Synthwave playlist 


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