Women of Trip Hop – Clare Easdown, apanorama, Syd Caldera, Mike and Mandy

Clare Easdown sets your dark heart on fire with her cold single Your Eyes Are Ice.  The Australian based songwriter and producer is equally haunting and beautiful.  The whispery affect of her vocal is chilling.  With a sharp delivery she brings an undeniable sex appeal to this dark melodic design.  With a tempo palette that shares some similarities to dubstep and EDM, she fits right in with the ethos of Trip Hop.  A carefully calculated guitar mixed with subtle chorus and delay patiently places the songs main chord structure, as cosmic samples and otherworldly sounds dance around Easdown’s signature vocal.  

The dark seductive aura of the songs melodic structure is by design.  Easdown admits that the “song is about pure lust, deep attraction and the inevitable power of desire.”  Like a trip hop siren she knows the power of her sex appeal and the lure of her song.  With the songs cinematic vibe she should please fans of dark pop artists like Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Sevdaliza.  

Lose yourself to Your Eyes Are Ice now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist.  


Get lost in the tantric design of Gliding Flight, the new single from apanorama.  Haunting and entrancing, you’re drawn into the spoken word revelations from vocalist Nora.  The abstract poetry intersects enticing melodies, as Nora shape shifts with notes of pop and jazz to her melodic drip.  Heavy layers of soft synths and cosmic leads echo around the tracks trademark beat, with sonic textures known to both trip hop and EDM.  The song’s sexy downtempo swagger brings chill affect.  The long format brings a pseudo-instrumental end section, where Nora’s vocals are used like an instrument lending to the collective soundscape.  There are tasty production treats littered throughout, as the group brings special attention to every section. 

Nora writes the songs on piano and her partner Michael offers the electronic treatment.  The collaboration yields otherworldly creations that shine with influence and modern intellect.  There’s evidence of experimental electro pop like works from Bjork and Flying Lotus.  The haunting vocals also draw similarities to Polica and Smoke City.  It’s no wonder the group is making waves, having performed at several premier festivals including Nurnberg Pop Festival and Campusfest Regensberg.  They’ve also enjoyed releases through TRAUM and have been added to BY. On Elektro, a promotion of excellence program in electronic dance music.

Turn it Up, checkout Gliding Flight now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Syd Caldera

Syd Caldera is beautifully honest on the revealing Double Life.  You’re drawn into the hypnotic affect of how the songs melodic design dances between the jagged tempo as the drum rhythm interweaves between the cadence of the chords.   Syd’s vocal displays a sultry swagger full of urban attitude.  The mood is elegant dark decadence as the arrangement imagines Syd as a rebellious Jazz singer, the highlight of the clubs trademark show when the band agrees to delve into the world of pop for a chance to embellish Caldera’s star power.  The sentiment is on full display through the songs intoxicating music video.  The artist shows her vulnerable side.   Caldera knows how to work the camera, to transmit emotion through her exotic gaze.  The video is a true pro effort, with an entire production team lead by Director Holle Singer.  Check it out.

  Stylistically there are hints of Thievery Corporations influence on Trip Hop as well as the writing style of Fiona Apple.  Double Life is sexy tantric dark pop full of mystery.  The reference plays out in the songs lyrical poetry.  “At home you paint me burgundy.  Keep tonight between you and me.  Double Life, I’d give up everything.”

Definitely get into the music video and follow the song on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist.

Mike and Mandy

The eclectic musical musings of Mike and Mandy are on full display with their new EP Shelter In Place.  A concept project, the record examines our collective experience during the pandemic.  The prolific pair has enjoyed a dynamic life in music, having met professionally on a Shakespeare play before ironically falling in love both emotionally and spiritually.  The couple shares similar influences, including alternative icons like Bjork and Radiohead.  

Collectively Shelter in Place evolves with each unassuming track.  The duo embraces a balanced tonal palette, which helps unite the the songs in tandem.  The introductory Are You Now embraces arrangements from artists like Amanda Palmer who inject Ukulele into indie pop.  Wormhole brings a dub downtempo vibe with minimalistic appeal.  Mandy is haunting when featured within this bare arrangement. The pseudo instrumental Tesseract brings heavy doses of disco, also conjuring similarities to instrumentals by ELO. 

Ricochet is particularly diverse and modern in how it mixes heavy doses of rock and pop.  In that way it connects with releases by Katy Perry and Pink.

The EP ends with a haunting version of Lovesong, the perennial hit by The Cure.  Reimagining in the classic style of Trip Hop, it connects with the dark pop leanings of Portishead and Lamb.  

Altogether Shelter In Place packs a heavy eclectic punch, flaunting the pairs abilities as writers and producers.  There’s something for everyone in this diverse collection. 

Get infected by their version of Lovesong now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist

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