Undiscovered Gems – Gold Spectacles, Welcome Strawberry, Michael Dunstan

Superior swagger is at the heart of Living Hell, the new single from Gold Spectacles.  From the ascending cadence of the “on my own” lyric in the songs chorus section to the catchy pickups that drive the sparse drum design, Living Hell is full of tasty moments.  Describing their music as “baroque pop,” they definitely transmit a chic appeal. 

The instrumentation is clean and credible in the spirit of cult heroes Rhye.  There’s subtle chill pop vibes with jazzy intellect in the spirit of Chiild.  The unexpected male interjection blends surprisingly well with the songs trademark female lead.  She’s got soft power, transmitting strong melodies that settle with depth without resolving to stints of shouting.  Living Hell casts a wide net, pleasing both fans of mainstream and art pop equally.  Just press play and groove. 

Welcome Strawberry – Harvest Apartments

True psych fans will find a lot to love with Harvest Apartments, the new release from Welcome Strawberry.  It has an elegant lo fi appeal to match the classic psych pop vibes.  Unlike Tame Impala who seems to derive some influence from EDM, Welcome Strawberry blends these 60s vibes with an element of shoegaze. 

Citing My Bloody Valentine as an influence, they marry that inspiration with the lineage of Syd Barret and associated psych pioneers.  It also has a lot in common with early works from Dr Dog, War On Drugs, and Kurt Vile.  Welcome Strawberry have an affinity for tasty melodies, shimmering guitars, and stacked vocals.  Dedicated to the aesthetic, its guaranteed to propel your auditory trip.

Michael Dunstan

Michael Dunstan has the soundtrack to help you Walk The Streets On Sunrise. The title of his new single, these sweet indie folk vibes will easily please fans of Darlingside and early Fleet Foxes. A prolific writer and seasonal pro, Dunstan has an affinity for quality. Both his writing and production touches show a seasoned attention to detail and captivating nuances.

The harmonically balanced variable guitars that roam beneath the vocals on the new single shimmer with dreamy delight. Michael’s voice is cool and calm in the vein of modern beach folk, but even in this summery lyrical poetry he never sounds cheesy. A testament to his authenticity and genuine affect, Dunstan is the real thing. Grab your board, you know you want to. The wave are calling and Michael’s gonna walk you down.


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