Undiscovered Gems – Grace McKagan, Jason Bajada, Ocie Elliot

Star power potential is on full display with the music video for K Town, the new song from Grace McKagan feat. Boots Electric aka Eagles of Death Metal.  A fun and sexy energetic electro rock classic, this theatrical full group freak out feels like tailor made for an iphone commercial. 

 Grace McKagan is a force.  Chic sex appeal and cover model sculpt is an intriguing combination with these raucous rock vibes.  The bluesy melodic design hidden beneath the sonic layers displays an affinity for the classics.  Featuring classic cars and vintages threads, the 50s are reimagined and more jovial than ever.  Altogether the group flexes like a modern day B52’s, it’s slightly quirky but you can’t deny their genius.

Jason Bajada

The calm collective folk vibes of Jason Bajada shine on the new release Walt Disney.  Accompanied by a candid music video, the contrast of these skater bros over this indie folk vibe is oddly appealing.  Bajada’s folky textures are elegant, with charming string production and a dirty guitar solo for context.  The songs genius moment is in it’s trademark line “as I drive down sunset blvd under this California sun with my best friend by my side.”  

These genuine sacred California vibes recall late era Beach Boys.  Brought up through the serene folk of Sufjan Stevens and Father John Misty, Bajada is elegant.  Presented with exquisite melodic appeal and sneaky originality Walt Disney is a true Undiscovered Gem. 

Ocie Elliot

Great vocal performances are timeless. They transcend genre and pierce the soul of the most unassuming fans. The sentiment rings true on What Remains, the new single from Ocie Elliot. An indie folk duo from Victoria BC, the duo of Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy are a match made in indie folk heaven. The soothing acoustic vibes are guaranteed to melt your Americana heart, and that pair has already been absorbed by the movement with opening gigs for Mason Jennings and more. Students of the game, they’ve been known to cover classics by icons like John Prine and Gillian Welch. The detail is like a charming foreshadowing, as we were immediate hooked by Sierra’s intimate voice and the serenity of their song. Middleton accompanies her perfectly, and altogether What Remains is pure bliss.

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