Retro Pop Revival – Gemïny, Palmo X, Wash Park, The Other Colors

Funky retro pop has a new hero in Gemïny.  His new single Hesitation pumps with a sultry groove double dipped in 80s pop classics.  It’s a little bit of MJ and Prince tweaked with a modern treatment known to Daft Punk.  Complete with Nile Rodgers style guitar licks and vibey keys, the musical bedrock sets the perfect setting for Gemïny’s impressive vocal skills.  His performance is full of passion and expression, as his voice peaks and cracks in tandem with the music.  Able to execute complete control, he can dip in and out of falsetto effortlessly.  

Gemïny brings mainstream appeal in the vein of recent releases by The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. He will also connect with 80s pop revival acts like Jay Diggs and Sunglasses Kid Gemïny adds his own flavor to the mix, with impressive guitar work that elegantly captures the spirit of this treasured era. 

Hear Hesitation now on our Best New Snythwave Playlist 

Palmo X

Ukraine artist Palmo X escapes on the infectious new single Daydream.  “Falling asleep, losing myself.”  The sentiment is heartfelt.  The artist is dealing with the perils of her war torn homeland.  Daydream seeks to reclaim some of the pre-war innocence that’s been hijacked by the unwanted intruders at the center of this international scandal.  The song features a sonic design known to new wave, while the chorus recalls recent releases in indie pop.  It’s a solid mix of the retro stylings of Kacy Hill and the indie pop creations of Holly Humberstone.  Palmo X has all the emotion and sheer vocal talent to make it believable.  With tasteful synths she dresses this hopeful anthem in classic nostalgia.  

How to daydream in the nightmare…”  Lyrically Palmo X hopes to reconnect with her existential essence, the free spirit before the memories of war and destruction destroyed Ukraine. 

The artist donates all proceeds from streaming to support the Ukraine Army Forces.

Hear it now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

Wash Park

We were captivated by the catchy appeal of There’s Still Time, the new single from Wash Park.  A solid mix of indie and psych pop with retro flavor, Wash Park tags synthwave into the psych sound of the moment.  A wave atmosphere of soft pads and emotive synths rests beneath the crisp guitars that jam on top. 

The guitar work injects the spirit of The Strokes and Phoenix into the wave movement, with licks reminiscent of a style known to that era in indie.  It can be heard in the palmed stabs and panned wide alternating parts.  

The vocal is a solid mix of swagger with slacker intent, a disconnect known to modern pop. It connects with recent releases by new chill pop hero Dayglow and slack rocker Mac Demarco.  Wash Park brings it full circle with a catchy melody and fresh lyrics to hook you. 

Checkout There’s Still Time now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

the icon Mandy Möör of The Other Colors

The chic French retro pop of Oups is equal parts mysterious and exotic.  The new single from  Marie Möör and The Other Colors is all about a vibe.  It feels like it was transported from the vaults of lost experimental 80s projects like 19 by Paul Hardcastle.  It also has something in common with Euro pop classics like I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.  It should connect with fans of dark wave who crave a mix of horror and sex appeal.  Marie Möör delivers with a haunting sultry performance cloaked in delay and echo to give it a cosmic presence.  The pumping bass and classic backbeat hold the moment together as long format synths evolve around the signature vocal.  

Möör is a genuine treasure from our favorite era in synth pop.  She got her start in the French new wave scene in the 80s, dropping a few 45’s like cult classic Pretty Day. The rare 45 fetches $100 plus on Discogs.  Möör teamed up with producer Barney Wilen in 2007 to form The Other Colors.  Together they capture the essence of the era with a modern sensibility.  

Check out Oups now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist


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