Indie Rock Uncovered – Victoria Finehout-Vigil, Marble, Bad Mother Nature

Victoria Finehout-Vigil unleashes rage from a slow burning fire on the epic new single Lately.  A stylistic shapeshifter, we were previously drawn to the uncut folk appeal of her single Swallow.  The new single Lately is considerably heavier in its sonic design.  It accentuates the artists ability as a progressive songwriter and diverse arranger.  Lately also flaunts Victoria’s strong vocal range.  The chorus erupts with emphatic vocal peaks.  The collective performance is physical, Victoria pulls from the depths of her ability and emotional depth.  

The experimental arrangement is stylistically eclectic.  There’s evidence of innovative progressive movements in the spirit of St Vincent and Polica.  There’s also a straight rocking section that connects with releases by Grace Potter and Florence & The Machine.  Blended with intersections of folky verses and a organ blessed outro, Lately is one of the best cinematic singular offerings we’ve heard to date.  It ends hanging on a note, as if there’s another movement to come. 

Already giving us stylistic whiplash, we’re excited to see how the multi-dimensional artist evolves.  Did we mention she’s an A-list dancer and performer?  Lately offers theatrical variation for killer conceptual choreography.  We suspect Victoria is cooking up something special.  We’re already all in on this artist.  Star power on full display, Victoria Finehout-Vigil is a major artist to watch.  

Hear Lately now on our Best New Rock Playlist 


MARBLE continues to evolve with their intense new single victor bells.  The single is included in their new comprehensive release the shadow in me. The album features several previously released singles, a couple of which we’ve covered before. You can support the band and purchase the new record as well as some sweet swag HERE

In trademark fashion victor bells is boosted by the amazing performance and talents of lead singer Chantel Bailey.  The writing overall, however, is more abstract and unassuming than past releases.  Though the band has always embraced a signature sound, they are beginning to carve their own stylistic space in the world of indie.  It’s an intoxicating mix of the creativity of Grizzly Bear, the epic magnetism of Florence Welsh, and a heavy melodic flavor known to icons like A Perfect Circle.  

MARBLE brings it live, touring up and down the west coast and perplexing audiences with every performance.  Go check them out! 

Hear victor bells now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Bad Mother Nature

Seventies’ rock spirit lives on in the music of Bad Mother Nature.  Their new single Hawks, Doves, and Gamblers has a bit of the blues mixed with yacht rock appeal.  Solid execution and a strong vocal performance got us in the groove.  Big group vocals bring the crowd to the front of the show.  This is the classic full band sound that never gets old, as long as it brings a dose of originality to the nostalgic appeal.  Bad Mother Nature delivers with their own signature flair, adding some indie sensibility known to bands like Dawes and Delta Spirit.  It almost goes full indie in the stomp and holler bridge section, with remnants of Mt Joy and Shovels and Rope sneaking through.  

The Sacramento based band has been banging around since 2016.  They write meaningful rock with one foot in the classic sound and another in the present.  The new single is both inspired by their drummers service in Afghanistan as well as the recent war in Ukraine.  A proper critique on a war torn world and the awful people it invites to plunder, it has a lot in common with the messages hidden in the popular music of the late 60s.  A time when artists had to cloak their feelings to get past Big Brother, Rock can still be a machine that kills fascists.  

Get with it.  Hear Hawks, Doves and Gamblers now on our Best New Rock Playlist 


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