Undiscovered Indie Gems – The Mud Howlers, Rook Monroe, Kowloon

Deep dives on the internet continue to bear sweet fruits.  The long format psychedelic rock of The Mud Howlers and their single Ábrete Sésamo  is a tasty recent discovery.  Clocking in over 7 minutes, it stays interesting without devolving to prog rock.  It shares a philosophical construct with releases by LCD Soundsystem in how it commits to a groove and then dresses the vibe with tasty melodies around it.  It also shares some psych flavor with cult favorite King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  The Mud Howlers write captivating repetitious sonic leads intersect long noisy frequencies to balance out your chemical trip. 

The song straight up grooves, but the video is a fun companion.  It stays within the drug induced framework while also accentuating their genius.  This band can rock, and would make a fun concert. 

Hear Ábrete Sésamo  now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Rook Monroe

Catchy pop with an indie heart, Rook Monroe shines on the infectious I Did Drugs For You.  The crystal clear production palette and impressive vocal match the best in radio and would be embraced by fans of superstars Beiber and Styles.  It’s also go the underground appeal of Dayglo and the soulful appeal of Leon Bridgers.  Monroe knows how to bring variation to his melodic delivery.  The singer is never predictable, but always feels natural.  To polish it off, the hook is straight fire.  Turn it up and admit you love that I Did Drugs For You.  

Hear I Did Drugs For You now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Bringing the feel good vibes of 80s island rock into the modern era, Kowloon brings the groove on the infectious Back Again.  This vintage feel shares some similarities with mid career works from Paul Simon and Talking Heads.  It’s dressed with an indie sensibility known to art pop projects like Dirty Projectors.  The vocals are smooth and the synth choices are tasty.  Sealing the deal with tremolo surf guitar, it’s the sad boy beach bop for your vacation dream land.  If you didn’t think this tempo palette still had a place in the world of indie pop. Kowloon proved you wrong! 

Hear Back Again now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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