Emerging Folk – Dom Malin, Monroe Moon, Sophie Dorsten, CHANDLER

Dom Malin levels up with his fantastic new release South America.  The presentation shows an artist that’s ready to embrace his purpose.  A newfound confidence, an awakening like the character in his song.  The lover portrayed in South America displays elite resolution, an advanced understanding of how love works and all it’s trivial complications.  Accept it or let it destroy you.  “If we had met at a different time…”. The sentiment is universal.  Love tends to happen when it’s inconvenient and least necessary.  

Armed with a warm electric guitar and his emotive voice, Malin paints a picture of impossible Romance.  

His voice quivers with the loss of someone who has known love.  The sad Romantic is classic.  Malin pushes his voices range elegantly, with a performance that feels authentic and in the moment.  A clever wordsmith who knows how to stream together a proper narrative, Malin has the songwriting chops of misunderstood mega star Ed Sheeran.  He also connects with indie folk underground heroes like Bonnie Light Horseman and Sufjan Stevens.  Malin could grow in either direction, but regardless of where he ends up, we’re certain there’s an audience ready to embrace the sincerity of his song. 

Enjoy South America now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Monroe Moon

Who is Monroe Moon?  The elusive project is cloaked in mystery, it’s an attribute of their exotic appeal.  Hauntingly dark and strikingly beautiful, the sentiment is applied to their collective catalog.  Always adapting and never retracing their own steps, the recent single New Utopia shows another shade of their stylistic palette.  It’s still lightly dipped in the ethos of trip hop and indie pops first movement.  With a late 90s sensibility we found remants relative to inspired works by Blonde Redhead and Imogen Heap’s stint with Frou Frou.  It’s heard in the classic samples coming from the vintage drum machine.  It’s an alternative to the over compressed hyper fixed programmed drums in modern music, more akin to a retro throwback when drum machines were clearly identifiable as such.  Every instrument on top applies the same commitment to character, like the reverb heavy piano that frolics around the main vocal section, or the tremolo treated electric with Chris Isaac era sex appeal.  

The pleasant musical offering is just a melodic atmosphere for the siren that is their lead vocalist.  With an enticing, hypnotic affect, she’s at the centerpiece of Monroe Moon’s sound.  On New Utopia, she’s steady and smooth, like a folktronica version of Sneaker Pimps or Suzanne Vega.   There’s a sultry draw at the introduction of select lines, a sophisticated sex appeal.  She is rare.  A Queen of an artist with majestic magnetism.  Whether it be in auditory form or as a swaying masked vixen in the groups stylish live videos, the star power is undeniable.  

Get lost in the New Utopia now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Sophie Dorsten

Sophie Dorsten is a young artist on the rise.  She recently released Mountain Song, her first release from a collection she recorded along with her brother Alex at the famous RAK Studios last March. Sophie and her brother enjoyed a successful tour of London following a string of pandemic live streams and remote releases that sparked a pivot in her already illustrious career.  Sophie’s been showcasing her talent since she was just 9 years old, and with every release she is growing into a more polished version of herself. Inspired by polar icons like Norah Jones and Billie Eilish, Dorsten is drawn to unique beautiful voices regardless of stylistic affect.  

Alex had the fortune to grace a 1965 Gibson J200 that was previously played by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin’s debut.  The vintage tone is the bedrock on Mountain Song, as Sophie builds a melodic world on top.  Dorsten displays elegant control over her impressive range.  All of her energy is reserved for the feeling that she injects into her performance, as if the lyrical content of Mountain Song is etched in her heart.  “You could be right here if you were mine,” she offers it with a sense of wonder.  Confident and full of conviction, she knows her song brings inspired gaze, as she recalls this perplexing narrative to an audience that has grown to love her.  

A strong first impression, hear Mountain Song now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


CHANDLER is charming and chill on his new EP Moments Asleep.  His smooth delivery and carefree stye delivers on the opening single Fake Chanel.  A clever critique on his generational conundrum, CHANDLER searches for authenticity in a world of imitation.  He absorbs a lot of what still makes mainstream music good, with a hint of the catchy appeal known to artists like Bruno Mars, but dressed with an indie sensibility and folky flavor known to Jack Johnson. 

As the EP progresses he grows more into his chill pop leanings.  The introductory mirage of Sleep Song gives way to a dance ready tempo treatment.  Sleep Song is the perfect beach jam, guaranteed to get a barefoot bonfire party on their feet.  

On LAZY, CHANDLER goes full indie pop with a flavor known to alternative R&B.  The vibe and uncut lyrical design recalls recent works by JOJI.  

The final track Poser even shows a Rock side unknown to the first three songs.  Altogether CHANDLER is a diverse offering in the world of indie pop.  With heavy chill acoustic vibes defining the first two singles, CHANDLER could tour with just an acoustic and still get his message across.  

Enjoy Fake Chanel now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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