Undiscovered Gems – Brooke Annibale, Crisis Walk-ins, Twilight Lounge

Elite swagger defines Be Around, the new single from Brooke Annibale.  Stylistically elegant, its both a great song and a fantastic sonic design.  The recording is rich and textured from top to bottom.  The snap from the vintage snare bursts beneath bright guitar layers and cosmic stacked leads.  Wonderfully produced, its Brooke’s signature vocal that steals the show.  She’s undeniably smooth but punchy enough to cut through the dense mix. 

The video lifts the stylistic intent, as a stardust silhouette of the artist grooves and jives within a retro graphic.  We think she has a lot in coming with Lucius, Spoon, and Sharon Van Etten.  It’s a solid mix of superior grooves and effective songwriting.  

Crisis Walk-ins

We saw ourselves in Mirror, the new single from Crisis Walk-ins.  The song features a clever sonic design.  The experimental tempo palette and unconventional arrangement with swirling sounds and a jagged beat should appeal to fans of Kate Bush.  The emotional, passionate vocal draws similarities to Sinead O’Connor and Paula Cole.  These are references we just don’t get to throw around enough.  Retro icons who are so elusive they are hard to emulate. 

Crisis Walk-ins captures the vibe and offers their own flavor.  The song is neat, but it’s the vocal thats going to keep us coming back for more.  It’s a trademark performance and impressive delivery full of mystery and exotic appeal.  Miiror is the last song off of their recent EP Walking to Balance.  Flying way too far under the radar, Crisis Walk-ins are truly Undiscovered.  

Twilight Lounge

Classic psych vibes with an indie sensibility are at the root of Here’s Not Where I’m Meant To Be by Twilight Lounge.  These bright guitar tones harken back to the classic 60s and bands like The Byrds who put Rickenbackers on the map.  It’s also slightly poppy, with a stylistic stacked vocal from the vault of Syd Barrett’s inherit consciousness. 

A solid full band release, it’s more early Dr Dog than the hyper produced psych dipped releases known to Tame Impala and Sports.  Regardless, fans of both movements will find a lot to love from Twilight Lounge

Despite the full band ethos, Twilight Lounge is actually just one dude with killer full group arrangement instincts.  Could’ve fooled us.  Dig it. 

Here Brooke Annibale, Crisis Walk-ins, and Twilight Lounge now on our Best New Indie Playlist…

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