Music Videos We Love – Arkells (ft Lights), Long Hours, Kids Return

Fresh party anthems are rare to come by in 2022.  Arkells and Lights deliver with their new jam Human Being.  The fresh rhythmic design is juicy in its own right, connecting with classic releases by Passion Pit, Christine & The Queens, and Chvches.  The tasty tempo pump is lifted by a fantastic vocal performance from several contributing singers. 

The party atmosphere is lifted in the emphatic group chorus. This hook just straight slaps.  The star power is on full display with the songs righteous music video.  A fun rotating camera in the spirt of That 70s Show showcases their collective magnetic personalities.  A damn good song and a fantastic video tend to bring good fortune. 

This is a strong collaboration that deserves more exploration. The future looks bright for both Arkells and Lights.  

Arkells – Human Beings (ft Lights)

 Where are the Jim Morrisons?  The Iggy Pops?  The Ian Curtis’s?  The unabashed frantic frontman who sacrifices life and limb, who gets so evraveled in the inspired emotion of the tantric rhythmic design that is Rock and Roll that they lose all control and inhibition.  Absorbed by their tantric animalistic instincts; they pass into an inverted psychological dimension where our learned conducts are no longer valid. 

We see potential in A Ghost To You, the new single and inspired performance from Long Hours.  The songs tantric rock and roll rhythm is a proper vamp, with immediate comparisons to RATM.  The music on its own could crossover into the Dance realm, but the singers attitude heavy performance brings vintage cool and punk swagger.  It’s on full display in the singles effective music video.  Most notably, how can you not want to see this band LIVE?  

Long Hours – A Ghost To You

A free wheeling vibe of music and cinema connect with the new single and video for Lost In Los Angeles by Kids Return.  The quick cuts and candid scenes capture the aura of late 60s culture classics like Easy Rider.  The characters of this time carried themselves in a unique fashion, as if they were from another planet.  You can try to capture all of the fashion notes and locational details but you’ll never trap it completely.  Kids Return does a lot to bring this sentiment into the modern cinematic era.  The lofi cinematography and shaky cuts do a lot to set a theoretical, or at least philosophical time and place.  

A proper psych pop jam with Beach Boys appeal drawn through the inspiration of The Thrills and tweaked by the influence of Tame Impala and associated Psych acts, Lost In Los Angeles stills finds its own stylistic niche.  The presentation is crisp without losing it’s analog charm.  The falsetto retains is cosmic echoey aura without getting lost in the layered sauce.  The catchy vibes and warm guitars bring seductive treble and catchy appeal.  Blended with the candid images, it transmits like a trailer to a relaxing night at the cinema fueled by spliffs and icy pop. 

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