Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Arum Rae, Axel Flovent, Subterranean Street Society

Arum Rae is dirty and delicious on her new single Country Road.  The songs trademark title is well travelled, but Arum Rae makes it her own.  With dive bar appeal and punk sensibility, she pens a dark outlaw country head-turner.  A hypnotic subtle lap steel atmospheric layer churns beneath her gritty voice. She has dive bar country flavor with indie crossover potential.

Bypassing the classic acoustic for a dirty electric tube tone, she’d fit in well at Third Man Records.  Her raw and rough traits have something in common with Lucinda Williams and and Emmy Loulou Harris, two artists who have enjoyed proper indie revivals. With Nashville appeal and an indie rock spirit. Arum Rae is ripe for the alt country music scene.  Country Road is the proper hit to get her there.  

Axel Flóvent 

Axel Flóvent is searching for truth.  The bare and honest presentation of his new single Fireworks (Night Version) is introspective and churning.  The tempered texture of his smoky delivery displays his voice broken by a breathe and a whisper.  Bred from the belly of his unconscious, he fights through every difficult lyric like a dusty Romantic.  He flashes glimmers of his inherited talent, as he scales down with the songs final whimper.  The indie folk appeal should connect with fans of Damien Rice who crave heartfelt beauty, meloncholy appeal, and broken spirits.  Axel has a lot in common with Rice’s minimalistic charm.  He also shares traits with crossover songwriters like Gregory Alan Isakov.  Whether your looking for a troubled musical companion or just rare beauty, Fireworks delivers. 

Subterranean Street Society – Fear Of Fond Farewells

Subterranean Street Society takes us back to the Lower East Side with their new single Fear of Fond Farewells.  Offered in the moment as a live in studio performance, the solo performer showcases his real world skills. Often featured as a trio, the in studio performance features the bands lead alone with his guitar and harmonica.

Analog textures of the classic big bodied microphone offer a proper time and place for this classic update.  It has a lot in common with the traditional folk made famous by Dylan, and the depth of his voice displays shimmers of Bill Withers.  The songwriter brings an additional indie sensibility known to The Tallest Man On Earth and Bonnie Light Horseman.  A great addition to the world of folk and roots music, and a solid in studio performance to embrace his authenticity.  

Hear Arum Rae, Axel Flóvent, and Subterranean Street Society now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

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