Resurging Indie Icons – Mark Charles, The Scarlet Goodbye, The Natural Lines

Mark Charles is a revelation with his new single Creature Comforts.  “Think it might be time for factory reset.”  The lyrical design of the new single connects with our current critical crisis.  Pretty much everyone has grown weary to their new robotic commitments.  Charles brings this sentiment to life with a groovy cool number that shares stylistic textures with recent cuts from The War On Drugs and Phoebe Bridgers.  It also presents like a Petty classic. 

Like the American songwriting icon, Charles has a way of making this simple composition sound new.  That’s his magic trick as a songwriter.  Every production idea is placed perfectly to keep you in it.  From the introductory piano lead to the timely harmonies and soothing background vocals, Creature Comforts is appropriately comforting.  

The Scarlet Goodbye – Panic & Blame

Have you ever wondered where some of those 90s alternative bands ended up?  It just seemed like they were absorbed by the mundane existence of adulthood… or maybe they found a new musical purpose, one that wants to transform rather than just play their classic hits forever. 

We were delighted to hear that some members of Soul Asylum are part of the project The Scarlet Goodbye.  Their new single Panic & Blame has elegant swagger.  We found similarities to cuts by Springsteen and Ryan Adams.  The Scarlet Goodbye adds an emphatic hook to match the songs collective passion.  Beautifully produced and wonderfully executed, Panic & Blame is masterful.  

The Natural Lines

The Natural Lines are taking accountability.  They travel the city and spread good vibes with their new single The Problem Is Me.  Ironically most people don’t take notice, too caught up in their daily routine to embrace the magnetic charm of this wandering crooner and his attractive companion.  The video provides an interesting case study in it’s own right, but the jam is straight fire.  We found similarities to captivating works from recent icons Wilco.  Equally upbeat and soothing, The song is as much the solution as it is a declaration.  

The Problem Is Me

If your not familiar with Matt Pond PA, he’s been a prolific presence in the underground indie scene over the last twenty years.  He’s as much an influence to the style and textures of today’s scene as aforementioned artists like Wilco.  He helped invent the sound embraced by platforms like ours today.  The Natural Lines appears to be a new project.  Little is offered to explain it’s construction, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this exciting update from an underground icon.  

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