Best New Indie – Fran Lusty, Linebeck, Forgotten Garden

Emerging Songwriter Fran Lusty continues to evolve with the new single Flight of Your Mind.  A solid writer in her own right, her presentations are lifted by her impressive vocal talents.  Like an industry vet, Fran Lusty’s performances have a penchant for being picture perfect.  Her emotion and range swings and sways convincingly.  The arrangement grows in tangent with the songs passionate design.  Altogether it brings Lusty out of the bedroom pop space and into the contemporary realm.  She has mainstream appeal in the vein of Phoebe Bridgers and Holly Humberstone. 

Fran Lusty is deceptively pop cloaked in an indie package.  She shares that trait with emerging icon Brandi Carlile.  Lusty is naturally catchy and melodically appealing.  Her innate musical touch offers her the opportunity to see her productions from an outside perspective.  It’s the benefit of being a natural.  

We’ve been following Lusty for some time, and the care and calculated effort she puts into her project is notable.  We believe she will continue to churn our instant classics, with a growing following it’s just a matter of time before she’s embraced by the NPR machine.  

Enjoy Flight of Your Mind now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


Linebeck caught our attention with their new single In My Dreams.  Dreamy indie pop with a strong vocal up front, Linebeck has mainstream potential while still connecting with fans of dream wave and the like.  Most of the arrangement is made to feel present, rather than buried in the mix.  It’s the synths underneath that lay the ethereal atmosphere and pulls this into the dream world.  Lifted by an infectious lead vocal, In My Dreams has classic melodic appeal.  Catchy and convincing, there’s evidence of 90s influences like Natalie Merchant and Dolores O’Riordan.  With indie sensibility there’s also evidence of Mitski and Japanese Breakfast.  

In My Dreams has nostalgic under layers inflated by its melodic foundation.  It’s lifted by an impressive presentation.  The overall performance is tight and sneaky complicated.  The blend of the guitar chords and appregiating synth push the composition forward.  With only a couple single releases and parading diverse influences including The Beatles and Max Martin, we’re excited to see how Linebeck evolves. 

Get started with In My Dreams now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Forgotten Garden

The 80’s sneaky influence continues to infiltrate the best works in indie pop.  Forgotten Garden is entrancing with their new single Memoriam.  Dreamy and hypnotic, clever tempo alternations inspire an exotic interpretive dance.  You’re drawn to the vocals siren nature as it lures you through timely melodic shifts.  Forgotten Garden knows when to bring proper variation to the composition.  In that manner Memoriam progresses in endless revolutions that never get stale.   

The song captures an aura somewhere between The Cranberries and The Cure.  It’s both dark and sexy.  Contemporary and stylistically elusive.  The melodic infrastructure recalls chord movements by post punk icons like The Smiths and REM.  The singers incredible range has something in common with Paula Cole and Sinead O’Conner.  We delight in being able to throw around these comparisons, artist we love that we don’t get to cite enough.  Forgotten Garden updates the sentiment of these classics with indie appeal.  

Get tangled in the dark beauty of Memoriam, now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

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