Best New Rock – SINS, Scarlet Joy, Horse Doctor, Dimestore Dolls

SINS get right to the point with their new EP ALGORITHMS.  A buzz band on the rise, the Portsmouth rockers have been building a name for themselves with steady energetic performances that recall the glory days of Rock.  Their appeal is rooted in their authentic vibe.  Still young and fun, they’ve yet to be jaded by the rock and roll machine.  The sentiment is revealed in their song’s slightly upbeat design complete with sarcastic lyrics that investigate their age of discovery.  It’s heard in the impressive opener SINKING LIKE THE SUN.  

“…living life that’s so pixelated, looking at the sunrise through Instagram pages and you walk on by a population so jaded. We look up to the sky but it don’t stop raining it’s faded.  So tell me an’t it grand to you”

Holy Moly can we relate!  The modern poetry is enough to capture you attention, but it’s lifted by their leads impressive delivery as he dictates with a fiery cadence that snaps into the rhythmic framework.  The band grooves beneath with swagger and urban attitude.  The verse sections have the catchy appeal of bands like Phoenix, whereas the choruses are more alternative.  


SINS alternative and punk inclinations are further explored on the single HIGH.  This raging rocker features a full on guitar freak out, as the musicians dig into every note, bending expressive leads that will set a club on fire.  Fans of breakouts like Car Seat Headrest will enjoy this frantic performance. 

Showing a dynamic level as songwriters, I THINK I’M IN LOVE is modern chill pop in the spirit of Dayglow.  LINE MANAGER is the most Brit Pop offering, with inspirations of Oasis through Arctic Monkeys shining through.   

A great addition to their growing collection, ALGORITHMS will hopefully trigger the editorial recommendations, as the band hopes to capture the attention of the metadata they know will lead them to international stardom.  

Help them out and dig into HIGH and SINKING LIKE THE SUN now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Scarlet Joy

Scarlet Joy returns with their new single Cut Diamond.  The Lincolnshire Power Trio is defining their sound with every consecutive release in advance of their debut album “Mourning Pages.”  Musically their guitar works tend to lean grunge.  The beauty of their art is the contrast offered by their dynamic lead singer, from whom they take their name.  In the same way that a lead guitar would treat a chord progression, she writes her melodies and places her cadence around the riff in a way that enhances it’s melodic beauty, and tweaks its module foundation.  By leaving the harmonic construct of their riffs minimal, the band leaves room for her to navigate new chordal theories within her vocal melodies. 

The affect is entrancing and exhilirating.  It’s the same concept that had critics calling Cobain genius, as the original three person core of Nirvana employed the same construct on their early hits.  Cut Diamond suggests some grunge influence.  With hard hitting appeal and a big sonic presence there’s also evidence of Muse.  The epic soaring female lead will also draw comparisons to Florence & Machine.  Her voice is rich with depth and strong enough to cut through this heavy design.  She’s proven to be a strong presence in alternative’s re-emergence, and a fascinating frontwoman as she howls while thrashing an electric guitar. 

Enjoy Cut Diamond now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Horse Doctor

Horse Doctor are weary of a Simulated Life.  The title of their new single, the song builds from an introspective first half to a gazey rock and roll fit.  The sentiment is an epic dynamic dose of alternative rock.  The nineties influences shine in the vocal design.  We heard melodic similarities to Screaming Trees.  Horse Doctor’s singer matches the late Mark Lanegan’s disconnected tone, sounding equally afflicted and unaffected within the lyrical narrative.  He builds to a convincing howl in tandem with the story’s revelations.  The band offers as explanation that  “Simulated Life deals with the confusion of vividly experiencing people we’ve lost while in semi- or unconscious states.”  They reference the chilling realization when you forget that you’ve lost someone until your routine is disrupted by their loss.   “I don’t control when I leave but Goddamn if I’m not sure that I got to see you uptown, when I’m going downtown”

  Beautifully produced with a solid performance by all four members, we really enjoyed the rocking tonal palette.  The guitars are gritty and dirty while retaining their character.  The bass is present without becoming boomy.  The drums are bright and settle nicely in the mix.  Overall its a crisp production, a rare offering considering it’s hard rock appeal.  Fans of nineties alternative acts like Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam will enjoy this modern update, and we believe it will also be embraced in the world of indie.  From fans of Deafheaven to indie rockers The Districts, Horse Doctor should appeal to a wide net of fans in rock. 

Enjoy Simulated Life now on our Best New Rock Playlist  

Dimestore Dolls

Unfiltered rock with a classic appeal, Dimestore Dolls thrashes through their recent single The River Obeys.  The southern tinged rocker is included on their recent full length Wooly Mamas.  Overall a solid release with stylistic highlights throughout, we just couldn’t get past the raw appeal of The River Obeys.  There’s a healthy dose of the post punk energy that brought the spirit of the 50’s into the alternative space.  It’s somewhere between Gaslight Anthem and the Breeders, as the riot girl appeal is more likely to Hop Along than groove out to Ani Difranco. There’s also a heavy dose of alt country as the composition recalls motives known to the Memphis Blues. 

The wide stylistic range within the record as a whole is no surprise.  It’s a testament to the groups indie roots and their leader Kelly Buchanan’s status as a trailblazer who never got her due.  A career cut short by a dramatic hockey injury at the height of her success, Wooly Mamas looks to reclaim some of what’s her’s proper.  The band more than just shows up, they whip and thrash their way through every number, matching her musicianship with each expressive harmony and impressive lead.  They even corralled some famous friends in the remaining members of Fountains of Wayne to enhance the single You Are The Fix.  The whole album slaps.  Get started with The River Obeys now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

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