Emerging Indie Folk – Harry Orme & Frankie Harper, Frances Luke Accord ft Darlingside, Gracie Jean, Wylam Dene

We were touched by the genuine melodic charm of Me & Simona, the new single from Harry Orme and Frankie Harper.  The performance is slightly candid in the moment.  A slight hush from the tape gives it vintage appeal.  The calculated picking is warm and textured, alive and in the room.  A testament to the analog design, the single brings classic appeal.  Quite frankly, Me & Simona is beautiful.  It continues the tradition of songwriters like Nick Drake, but with a more indie sensibility known to Damien Rice and Kings of Convenience.  It also has some of the painful emotional elegance known to Big Thief.  

Abstract lyrics bring additional autonomy.  Vivid poetic imagery is both relatable and transferable.  Most of us know a metaphorical Simona, whether it be a little sister or a family friend.  The tribute pulled at our heartstrings.  “Me & Simona, mixing colors, we huddle in closer, the rain down it poured, holding hands to keep them warm.”  So innocent, so perfect.  To have the presence of hindsight to recall these impactful moments is notable. 

The single is the first in a string of collaborations between Harry Orme and songwriter Frankie Harper.  Needless to say they have our full attention.  With a debut this fantastic, they’re setting the standard incredibly high.  

Hear Me & Simona now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Frances Luke Accord

Frances Luke Accord makes beautiful indie folk with classic sensibility.  It’s unsurprising then that they teamed up with emerging icons Darlingside for their new single In My Life.  “Them” being the duo of Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers. Frances Luke Accord is the title they give their vintage folk project which has been called “the definition of lean-in music” by NPR’s coveted Mountain Stage. And within that scene is certainly where they’ll win favor.

With melodic cues known to Simon and Garfunkel and an indie sensibility known to Sufjan Stevens, In My Life is an intoxicating offering in the world of indie folk.  Poetically vibrant and slightly abstract, the duo is dreamy.  The enticing production ideas mixed throughout enhance the sentiment.  In My Life has sonic surprises to match the clever variations found in the groups musical writing.  Frances Luke Accord employs a lot from their sonic toolbag, injecting an unexpected reverb guitar solo, stacked harmony choir vocals, and subtle soft synths within various sections.  It’s meant to offer an auditory journey like the complicated title suggests.  In My Life, there’s a lot going on, and though its not always predictable, it’s always beautiful. 

Enjoy In My Life now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Gracie Jean

Gracie Jean knows Romance is Bad.  The title of her new expansive 9 song album, the dreamy songwriter writes slightly melancholy alt country hits.  She brings an outlaw spirit to compliment her sweet classic vocal delivery.  A little Dolly Parton, a little Kacey Musgraves, with a bit of bitter scorn known to Emmy Lou Harris and Lucinda Williams.  It’s heard on the opening I Don’t Wanna Sing The Blues Anymore.  Atmospheric production fills the space known to the pedal steel and gives these country vibes a modern update.  The dreamy design continues on the subsequent Little Mountain Home

Her musical persona exemplifies a country girl in the modern world, she throws a little lip gloss on this classic country vibe.  Hailing from the Australian coast, the country feel is the perfect template for her organic upbringing.  Exotic and mysterious, her creative intellect is smart and modestly sexy by association. It’s an undeniably attractive trait. –

The vibe is fully realized on the impressive single Weight Of The World.  Slightly dipping into Phoebe Bridgers esque indie pop worlds, Gracie Jean took our breath away.  

The next four tracks are elegantly pensive and poetically patient.  As an album the collection deserves a proper listen.  Incredibly eclectic, retro deep cuts like Forgettable are anything but.  Capping with the epic bookends Romance Is Bad and Endings, the collective album is an impressive creative journey.  The last 3 tracks suggest an incredible stylistic range in the spirit of Lana Del Rey.  Gracie Jean is a master lyricist with elite style.  A bright rising star in the world of indie, she’s NPR ready and should be festival verified.  

Check out the whole album!  Get stuck on Weight Of The World now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

Wylam Dene

Wylam Dene caught our attention with his new single Let Go.  Blue eyed soul with subtle pop flavor packaged in the style of indie folk, Let Go is refreshingly catchy.  The emphatic melodic swell in the chorus pulls you in.  Epic and uplifting, the writing is somewhere between 80s Springsteen and Ed Sheeran.  It also has an anthemic spirit known to Coldplay.  The drums and stacked vocals suggest Let Go could explode in a live setting.  Wylam has the vocal chops to carry a big room.  Passionate in his delivery and inherently talented, he brings crossover mainstream appeal.  Currently fashioned as a singer songwriter, success could offer a chance for bigger productions and more expensive arrangements.  

Wylam Dene is the name given to Lee Matthewman’s solo project.  Embracing his voice’s potential, his releases include collaborations with EDM producer LasKee.  For us, a soulful voice always pairs wonderfully in the electronic landscape, and Matthewman embraces this aesthetic compliment.  Incredibly diverse and not ready to be pinned down, Wylam Dene should continue to evolve with every forthcoming release.  

Enjoy Let Go now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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