Music Videos We Love – Alix Page, Mike Mangione, Sam Himself

Alix Page and Mark McKenna are super cute on the sneaky romantic Pulling Teeth.  The perfect music video had us feeling like we’re watching two young friends trying not to admit they’ve got feelings for each other.  It’s funny relatable, everyone has at least one.  A charming song in its own right, Page has a Bridgers like delivery.  She also has Swift-like lyrical skills, finding poetic diamonds in the rough of our human experience.  

The candid video recalls a vibe known to movies like Garden State.  It captures a genuine feeling elegantly.  The classic setting of a vintage theater sets the perfect backdrop for their innocent playfulness.  Just when you think it might all be candid natural captures, they sneak in a closing shot that suggests that maybe its all by design.  A stroke of genius, as if we’ve been had to believe they didn’t know.  They know.  They’ve known all along. And if they refuse to admit it they’ve definitely heard about it from friends or neighbors or nosey Aunts with crooked smiles.  It’s called chemistry, and they’ve got a lot of it.  Directed by Alix Page herself.  What are the chances? This probably won’t end well.

Mike Mangione

Mike Mangione pens a southern spiced epic with his new single Anastasia.  Featuring an array of instruments known to Country and Bluegrass, including lap steels and banjo, it’s Mangione rare delivery that makes the new single special.  Quite frankly, he has a fantastic voice.  It’s full of soul and southern flair.  He even taps into his falsetto and writes nice melodic movements to compliment his range.  And then there’s the music video…

This small town epic features Hollywood drama and righteous choreography.  The performances honor the sacred sanctity of the song.  Mangione himself displays star magnetism.  He’s got his own unique swagger and sway, the dude is cool as hell.  Altogether wonderful, the soloist almost steals the show.  It’s as if her soliloquy only inspires the other dancers to push themselves harder.  It’s seen in the songs closing instrumental section, and as it should be, the video delivers to the end.  Phenomenal execution by a pro team who fully realizes the works potential.  An arrangement this good deserves a video so epic. 

Sam Himself

We cherish the weird wonder of Golden Days, the new single and video from Switzerland artist Sam Himself.  An all star team including producer Daniel Schlett (Iggy Pop, The War On Drugs) and a cast of notable engineers and musicians helped Sam bring Golden Days to life.  The reigning “King of Tears” is known for his rare baritone delivery and curious accent.  There’s something intoxicating and strangely beautiful about Sam Himself. 

Sam is the anti-star we all need.  Slightly weathered with inherently good looks, he jirates like a rambling wandering medicine man selling indulgences.  The star power is on full display, and the reaction from the audience sells the sentiment.  

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