Undiscovered Indie Rock Gems – Long Hours, Rodolphe Coster, Novak

We’ve promoted our unhealthy crush on Long Hours before.  The Wild Has Called Them to corrupt you. Nothing good will come of this.  Their music will only fill us with more frantic reckless abandonment.  We’ll be making some bad decisions after we double dip their new single Life Song.  An ironic title, as if this is any way to live. We are infatuated with their singers pure madness.  The fever of late seventies punk, inherited by Iggy Pop and tweaked by Johnny Rotten before gripping the mainstream only to be discarded to the underground like a 90s wardrobe, Long Hours are bringing our demons back, and high wasted non butt forming jeans are back in style. So everything is how it should be.  Get a taste of the weird with this artsy companion video

We’re reminded in how Rage Against The Machine is still unparalleled in their sound, a testament to Zach De La Rocha’s rare anger and prophetic lyrical skills.  Long Hours frontman is a little De La Rocha and Jim Morrison put together.  He hasn’t yet cemented his position as a lyrical master, but he’s got the rep known to Killing in the Name Of.  The band is clever too.  Their riffs and rhythmic swagger have a little in common with indie buzz artist Kevin Morby and his jam Rock Bottom.  In fact, that would make for a killer lineup.  Let’s hope to see it.  

Until then, dig Life Song now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Rodolphe Coster – Seagulls Fly On Highways

A chrome noir palette pairs perfectly with Seagulls Fly On The Highway, the new single from Rodolphe Coster.  As a song, the electro post punk art piece features the artists raw almost crude vocal delivery.  It’s musical enough to warrant lead vocal duties, and we always love the raw appeal.  Paired with the videos deep artistic intentions, the affect is mesmerizing.  The ragged and broken performance by the videos lead is pleasurably curious in its own right, but its the mid video dance club scene that left us captivated.  Hang in for the closing twist, it brings this underground urban epic full circle.  

Check the video for full credits.  This is a pro piece with elegant cinematography that displays an elite knowledge of how to shoot at night and use lighting to accentuate shadows.  Collectively the video and song slay when paired in this manner. 

Definitely peep the video, and hear the song again on our Best New Rock Playlist

Novak doesn’t G.A.F.

Novak is clever and catchy on their new single Tired of Trying.  The composition recalls a vintage 50 feel, but updated significantly with an indie punk sensibility.  There are hints of punk influence in the melodic design and unfiltered performance.  The Singer injects a bit of scorn and attitude known to 90s grunge.  It’s both authentic and in the moment.  It’s as if Weezer tunes were performed by Nirvana.  

The single includes two prior released singles including Alaska Sucks and Can’t ComprehendNovak digs deeper into gritty grunge worlds on these prior releases.  His performances are full of a youthful reckless spirit that’s both energizing and invigorating.  Slashing guitars and crashing cymbals rage beneath his scorned apathetic vocal.  Hailing from Ontario, California, Novak continues the tradition of indie punk inspired by the Golden State.  Raised beneath the jade of palm trees and plastic, it’s only fitting that it breeds an anti-conformist generation in contempt of all the fakeness it exudes.  Ironically, we love Cali for it’s undercover realness. If you look a little deeper, it also breeds authentic punk gems like Novak.  

Hear Tired of Trying now on our Best New Rock Playlist

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