Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Tyson Ray Borsboom, Golden Feather, Clark Graham, The Amazing,

Tyson Ray Borsboom quivers desperately on the inspirational Man.  It’s as if his voice is hanging on a cliff by his fingertips with every extended vibrato.  It’s a detail that we find exhilirating.  The performance is received like he’s giving the last of what he’s got left before he dials it in.  An acoustic expressively picks beneath him as the atmosphere is filled with an ethereal immersion of strings and soft synths.  It’s a tribute to the vast skyscapes he calls his second home.

Tyson Ray Borsboom fits in somewhere between Damien Rice and Dermot Kennedy.  Man is fairly melancholy, and though the background is rich and ethereal, Tyson’s voice brings sharp presence and raw appeal.  He’s in your ear while a sonic ocean sways beneath him.  Like the last song sung while the city sinks into the inevitable void.

Hear Man now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Golden Feather

Golden Feather is vintage gold on their recent You’ve Been On My Mind.  This is masterful alt country Americana.  It shows an attention to their craft and an awareness about what makes it theirs.  They hit all the marks. 

A full band arrangement brings harmonious leads in the spirit of The Allman Brothers.  There’s an indie appeal to the writing known to modern projects like Dawes, drawn from the inspirational well of Jackson Browne.  There’s also the genius presence of rising icon Brandi Carlile.  A ripe combination of beautiful lyrics, catchy melodies, and pro execution. 

They’ve got big NPR potential, and seemed destined for the Mountain Stage.  A future festival mainstay, they’ve cornered the festival niche with widespread potential.  Whether you’re a country boy, a hipster indie fanatic, or an Americana sweetheart, you’ll find something to love on You’ve Been On My Mind.  TWIC APPROVED. 

Hear You’ve Been On My Mind now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Clark Graham

Clark Graham fell for The Girl With Mountain Eyes.  The Canadian born singer songwriter shines with authenticity.  A classic folk heart and country spirit collide with recent indie trends on this stomp and holler breakout hit.  It falls right into the stylistic realm known to The Lumineers and The Head and The Heart. 

The chords are familiar and slightly tweaked to walk in time with the narrative.  A strong design in its own right, it’s Clark’s refreshing croon that steals the show. 

Slightly weathered but still filled with youthful optimism, like a boy whose only been broken hearted once.  A smoky flavor to his voice like he’s been flirting with fire but he’s still not completely sold on smoking as an everyday habit.  The kind of drunk draw like he’s been drinking out of his league to keep up with the party.  The overall affect is charming and appealing.  The assuming innocence is cute, and should bring curiosity from the right kind of crowd.  The type of bunnies that adore these heart broken indie folk gems.  We can dig it.  

hear The Girl With Mountain Eyes now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

The Amazing on Lettermen many moons ago

The Amazing caught our attention when they slipped us Dragon.  Released some 13 years ago in 2009, it a swagger sweet indie folk gem that couldn’t be denied.  It’s not like their totally unknown, they have 40k+ monthly listeners and a history of strong releases, but gosh darn it’s new to us!  We’re always searching for Sugar Men, and we love Dragon immensely.  We’re suckers for this classic folk rock feel.  It’s got the swing known to Van Morrison with the melodic appeal of Cat Stevens and Nick Drake.  The singer has a bit of the soul and a troubadour touch known to Jose Gonzalez.  The affect is exotic and mesmerizing.  A solid arrangement from the band includes warm bell-like vintage guitar leads.  

The Swedish eclectic 5 piece wear an array of genre hats.  Masters of style, they’re  inspired by the sacred dark romantic harmonious nature of post punk and shoe gaze.  Dragon shows the masterful stylistic presence, as they export influence with an indie folk interjection thats been a highlight for their collective catalog.  It shows up on hits like Dragon and Flashlight.  We’re new to The Amazing, but they’ve got our full attention now.  The internet has buried treasures. 

Hear Dragon now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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