Undiscovered Music Video Queens – Noraa, Gabriella Rose, Bea Kadri

Noraa sways seductively lakeside on the video for her new tasty single Sweet Summer Dreams.  A chill alternative R&B groove is enhanced by her lush vocals and sultry delivery.  The collective stylistic affect is somewhere between Rhye and Sade, with an urban appeal that shares melodic clues with SZA but with a more innocent lyrical intent.  An enticing vibe on its own, the video sells the moment and the artists relatable charm. 

Keeping it real in a loose t-shirt as a slow motion shot accentuates her seductive aura, the devilish intent is revealed in red-hued bedroom shots that suggest the fruits of her physical superiority are reserved for her desired lover.  A surprising payoff in contrast to the lakeside temptation, where the serene landscape and daunting overhead drone shots had you thinking this was all about her humble beauty.  Make no mistake, Noraa know she got it. 

Gabriella Rose – In The Dark

Gabriella Rose is a starlet with Hollywood potential.  The sentiment is on full display with In The Dark, her new epic Tarantino-esque video novella.  Costume and vintage cinematic aesthetic propel this classic alt country epic. The classic Nashville throwback recalls iconic productions by The Wrecking Crew. 

A princess of style, the team was smart to let Gabriella steal the moment.  Her incredible magnetism and secuctive stare are all that are needed to sell this story of scorn and heartbreak.  The songs innovative design and professional presentation only enhance the overall sex appeal.  Gabriella Rose brings the haunting aesthetic of Lana Del Rey with a retro appeal known to Winehouse and Duffy.  The final result is intoxicating.

Bea Kadri – Outpour

We were impressed with the chic artistic designs seen throughout Outpour, the new video and single from Bea Kadri.  Inspiring portraits feature beautiful displays of light and shadow, all lifted by the sheer mystique and exotic beauty that is Bea Kadri

The artists sultry vocal delivery is the perfect match for her exhilirhating combination of dance pop and R&B.  Dressed over quick cuts of the artist pushing through a plastic backdrop or postering beneath an umbrella, Outpour is high art with colorful conviction.  It recalls the royal presence of mega stars like Madonna and Dua Lipa.  Bea Kadri is a similarly eclectic mix of talent and style, with catchy grooves that bring mainstream potential.

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