Best New Indie – Hazlett, Blue Canopy, Roses and Revolutions, Pixy Jones

Hazlett should break through with his new single Oh Downhill.  The emerging buzz artist is worth the hype.  His songwriting is full of dreamy imagery and genuine sentiments.  Melodically elite, his writing brings abundant variation at its core. 

It’s not about layers, it’s about melodic intention and careful sonic intellect.  It’s accentuated in the closing moments of Oh Downhill when he flexes his innovative skills as a producer and sound smith.  Leading up to that, it’s all about the calculated picking, elite composition, and believable vocal performance.  That’s his trademark and it’s thrusting him into the indie spotlight. 

Slight production clues tie this to the histories of Bon Iver and his associated acts.  It also has a little in common with more indie folk based acts like Darlingside and Sufjan Stevens.  It’s slightly melancholy but with enough pep to crossover in the mainstream world.  With melodic juice this sweet, we find it undeniable.  

Hear Oh Downhill now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Misty Boyce w/ Blue Canopy

We lost ourselves in the dreamy immersive soundscape that is Stranger At The Door, the new single from Blue Canopy.  Featuring vocalist Misty Boyce and guitarist Patrick J Smith from A Beacon School. The single is exquisite almost psych pop with a majestic presentation.  Misty pulls the single into an indie pop space with a crisp above the mix performance.  It’s a testament to her impressive vocal skills and embellished talent.  She employs complete control as she lays delicate verses in the spirit of cult heroes MELLOW.  The dreamy sonic presentation should please fans of dream pop gazey acts like Beach House, Far Caspian, and Sports.  

Blue Canopy flexes his impressive production range with a sonic palette that never feels derivative.  The melodic touches are vaguely familiar, but variated enough to give Stranger At The Door singular presence.  A proper collaboration, the contributions of Misty and Smith bring character to this undeniably delicious composition.  

Hear Stranger At The Door now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Roses and Revolutions

Roses & Revolutions are inspiring on their recent Moon Song.  The chill vibe has mainstream potential.  We were drawn to its melodic intellect and overall soothing presentation.   The NY based duo is catching on.  They’ve won some significant licensing support, with features on notables like Netflix, NBC, and ABC. It’s no surprise, their music is universally approachable and undeniably refreshing.  Singer Alyssa Cocoand is hypnotic, and Matt Merritt knows how to dress dreamy production around her to accentuate the seductive aura.  

Moon Song connects with recent breakout indie pop artists like Billie Eilish, with a minimalistic chill pop sensilbity known to the XX, and an alternative R&B approach known to Charlotte Day Wilson.  Moon Song is included on Roses and Revolutions new 6 song EP Keep a Little Light On.  

Hear Moon Song now on our Best New indie Playlist.  

Pixy Jones

Pixy Jones brings vintage charm on their expansive new album Bits N Bobs.  This retro psych project sounds set in 60’s California amidst the advent of the psychedelic pop movement.  With San Francisco flare there are elements of Mamas and Papas, The Beach Boys, and even the Monkees.  Pixy Jones injects an indie sensibility in the spirit of The Thrills, but we can confidently say Bits N Bobs is even more authentic. 

It’s heard on superior lofi jams like Hold Your Tongue. The sonic palette and classic mix is unmistakable 60s pop.  Pixy Jones is a restorative master in this style, a purveyor of it’s melodic affect and charming presentation.  The songwriting is original but always on brand.  There are melodic clues to reflect works by the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and details relative to other 60s pop hits.  They’re instantly referenced on songs like Confusion, Maureen Dreams No More, and The Fool.

The arrangements, period perfect performances, and precise tonal choices are all lifted by the artists energetic voice.  He doesn’t need the gimmick, and the combination of great song writing and production aesthetic only emboldens their genius.  If you’re going to do a period project, do it like this.  

The whole album slaps and that’s an understatement.  He’s flying too far under the radar in the world of psych pop.  Get a taste of Hold Your Tongue now on our Best New Indie Playlist.   

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