Emerging Folk – Melissa Carper, Jack Schneider, emma miller, Jaded Jane

Melissa Carper has that Ramblin’ Soul.  If ever there was a proper period piece that fully captures that classic early to mid 50’s Nashville sound, this is it.  She nails the signature vocal style, and the band hits all the stylistic marks.  The textured palmed guitar sets a percussive underlayer as the rhythm section shuffles underneath.  A stylistic lap steal roams the melodic spectrum in dreamy affect, as Carper rings with vintage soul.  Full of swagger and attitude, it conjures memories of rhinestone ready rodeo wear and smokey bustling dance floors where heavy boots patter in unison with the band.  

She’s been called the “Hillbillie Holiday” and this Backwoods Savior of the Country Standard is catching on fast.  The retro revivalist is working with producer Andrija Tokic who has had significant success with Hooray for The Riff Raff and St Paul and the Broken Bones.  We humbly predict Carper to match both of them in eventual success.  Mark our words, she will be a star.  Say you knew her when.  Get hooked NOW

Hear Ramblin’ Soul today on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Jack Schneider

Jack Schneider is classic on his serene Josephine.  Vince Gill’s prodigy guitarist has a few tricks of his own.  Besides an innate understanding of alt-country nuances and trademark fills, Schneider embraces his own infectious vibrato.  It rings with the trials and weather of a lost romantic on this touching tribute.  Josephine rings like the one who got away, the free spirit, the enigma.  She exists in another mental dimension, and Schneider marvels at her indifference.  “Do you even wonder what you’re missing?  Do you even feel you’re getting old?”

The musicianship and execution are pro standard.  Josephine connects with trailblazers in Alt Country like Jason Isbell and Ryan Bingham.  Schneider displays Nashville influences with an eye to the past, in contempt of pop country’s mainstream dissent.  Brining in elements of bluegrass and rock for a refreshing dose of Americana that could reach a widespread NPR ready audience. 

Enjoy Josephine now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

emma miller

emma miller is dreamy on the ethereal Meet Me On The Lake.  An exotic instinctual aura permeates from her tribal folk cadence.  Like a troop of deep wood sirens she layers majestic harmonies with hypnotic affect.  The allure is eerily seductive and mesmerizing.  A feature of her proficient vocal skills, her creative endeavors are tied to her ability to weave lush arrangements into her musical poetry.  

The composition is innovative and unconventional.  Though unique in its arrangement, it remains approachable, a testament to its vibrant beauty and harmonious nature.  emma miller flows through the songs fluid fabric as the revolving piano cycles like patterns in nature.  The melodic mystery and wonder suits the artists creative exploits, as she pioneers her own path with her signature NFT’s.  A notable detail, the following was provided in her press release.

“Emma appears to be the first independent musician in Scotland to release her music on the blockchain and after months of researching what exactly that entails, on August 26th, Emma dropped her first Music NFT. ‘Meet Me on the Lake’ was a limited run of 10 editions with artwork painted by her mother, Lesley Miller. The collection sold out within 48 hours and catapulted Emma to no.11 in the Music NFT charts where she was rubbing shoulders with Snoop Dogg. “

Besides being a beautiful creative, we’re eager to praise her innovative business skills.  The crowded fields of the new music industry do not make profitability easy. emma miller is making it work for her, and using innovations available to propel her career and her capital forward.  

Stylistically she connects with atmospheric indie folk artists like Sufjan Stevens and Darlingside.  emma miller as a collective project is mesmerizing and beautiful. 

Hear Meet Me On The Lake now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Jaded Jane

Jaded Jane brings sentimental nostalgia on the important Take A Stand.  We were drawn to the almost retro stylistic affect and how it reminded us of timeless works from Peter Gabriel and Bruce Hornsby.  Take A Stand has a steady groove and soft sonic palette that’s equally calming and inspirational.  It all lends to capture the lyrical narrative. 

Jaded Jane understands the concept that defines the age of acceleration.  The age of awakening and the progressive ideas generated are now engraved in our conceptual psyche, but it exists in contrast to the laws of the land.  Take A Stand is a call to get involved in the changes that are important to you.  It’s only pre-requisite is that it involves love, understanding, and the repel of Injustice. 

The stylistic presentation is motivational in the spirit of that aforementioned sacred movement in pop.  It accentuates how soft synths present like metaphysical atmospheric auras, with additional keyboard leads accentuating the cosmic conceptual under layers.  The artists vocal is full of passion but plots carefully, like a modern Pete Seeger focused more on Unity than his own desire to be wanted.  Take A Stand is a song for everyone.  It’s catchy and exists in a universal melodic fabric that breaks through culture barriers. 

Hear Take A Stand now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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