Music Videos We Love – Vision Video, Hank Midnight, wickerbird

Vision Video capture their vibe elegantly on the video for their new single Haunted Hours.  Chic post punk vibes suit their stylish appeal.  The group is undeniably fashionable, donning these formal threads with casual attitude and punk sensibility.  They groove inherently to the music as smooth cinematography moves in tandem with the songs upbeat tempo.  Dark, upbeat, and catchy, it fits in well with the ethos of post punk. 

Vision Video – Haunted Hours

Dripped in nostalgia, Vision Video will draw instant comparisons to The Smiths and The Cure.  They exist beyond the function of routine throwback, they capture this vibe with authentic vigor, matching the swagger known to the originals.  The video just adds some gloss to the finish and supports your conceptual image of the bands suspected style, which is as intriguing as you would’ve hoped for.  

Hank Midnight – Undefeated

Electro pop and the wonder of nature collide on the new video from Hank Midnight

Undefeated is a groovy almost chill pop slow burn.  The mellow intention is felt in the soft percussive blips and dreamy samples layered into the songs rhythmic fabric.  Everything’s a drum with melodic intention as the artist charts these backwoods and weathered trails. 

Hank Midnight is searching for meaning on a late night solo trip. Undefeated highlights the overlooked magnificence of a pale moon or towering tree.  It’s a beautiful tribute to the woods known to backyards across the world, and the hidden treasures overlooked in excess.  Blended with the slightly abstract lyrical poetry that defines the song within the vibe, Undefeated brings positivity with groovy electro appeal. 

wickerbird – in altar wine

Nature-lovers frolic through a vast rugged landscape on the new video from Wickerbird for their single in altar wine.  Recalling works by Terrence Malick, the video embellishes the musics serene sacred design and offers a visual essay on our subconscious awakenings. 

In a superficial world the characters in the video try to reconnect to our natural wonders.  They are patient as they gaze upon the incredible wonder of these picturesque landscapes.  There’s passion and satisfaction interjected into the moments of quiet reflection. It’s only fitting that these modern hippies make love appear sacramental.  With Wickerbird offering the chamber folk soundtrack, the entire work feels ceremonial.  The collective affect is therapeutic and soothing in the spirit of abstract art films in cinema that attempt to capture a genuine feeling beyond the confides of story and script.  

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