Undiscovered Gems – Jenny Kern, Drook, Bossa IV, Mae Mae

Jenny Kern is spiritual on the immersive new single I Need You.  An atmospheric intro collides with a groovy breakbeat that wades between the borders of electro pop and alternative R&B.  Jenny Kern is soulful in her delivery, alternating between a hush almost whisper and passionate swells.  She injects heartfelt feeling into the performance, pulling from her buried unconscious to pull out the evidence that makes I Need You so convincing. 

A progressive arrangement lifts the compositional drama as the drums drop in and out of the mix in tandem with Kern’s emotional swells.  I Need You commits to a vibe without ever losing sight of what makes Jenny special, as her pristine sentimental vocals recall iconic singers like Sarah McClaughlin.

Electro appeal with indie melodic sensibility, stylistically I Need You connects with recent releases from Polica, Christine and the Queens, and the XX.  

Hear I Need You now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Drook brings refreshing nostalgia on their recent single Habitual Pressure.  Undoubtedly inspired by retro pop, the sonic palette features a classic bouncing synth.  Drook pushes the intent forward, carving out their own space within this nostalgic design.  They update the vibe with a more modern indie sensibility.  The presentation is slightly dark and melancholy, but always catchy.  The singers voice is conceptually broken and convincing, aware of how their hurt can lift her performance and offer some solace to the listener.  In that way Drook connects with recent releases by Samia and Ethel Cain.  

Habitual is a refreshing dancefloor magnet that could please fans of indie pop and retrowave alike.  With cinematic appeal and dreamy intention it conjures imaginative montages from cherishes memories.  It’s the trademark intention of this classic style, and Drook updates it beautifully on this night drive gem. 

Hear Habitual Pressure now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Bossa IV

Bossa IV caught our attention with their new single Meditate.  An intriguing combination of recent sonic evolutions known to psych pop, with a flair for vintage songwriting, what’s old is new again on this slow burn smoke out. The chords revolve and resolute with sneaky affect as Bossa IV tangles you in their melodic web.  There’s thoughtful variation and pick up surprise whenever the song risks growing stale.  As a songwriter they show modern awareness, wanting to embrace the poetic vamps of old without alienating an oversaturated audience maladapted to the quick fix. 

We hear stylistic clues that reference Dr Dog with melodies reminiscent to My Morning Jacket.  There’s also the psych pop appeal known to throwback projects like Babe Rainbow.  Refreshingly approachable, Bossa IV casts a wide stylistic net that should please all fans of indie.  

Hear Meditate now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Mae Mae

Star power is on full display with Peach, the new single and video from Mae Mae.  Her infectious charisma and seductive presence is enough to draw you in to the video.  The song seals the deal with catchy appeal and clever lyrics.  The video is dedicated to the artists hometown. 

A country girl with urban swagger, Mae Mae is a rare authentic indie pop gem bred from America’s heartland.  Full of confidence she embraces her quirky side, and exudes incredible charm and whit to match her devilish natural beauty.  Her style leans pop with one foot firmly in the world of indie.  With melodic appeal and underground attitude Peach connects with recent releases by Faye Webster and Haim, Hear it now on our Best New Indie Playlist

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