Best New Synthwave – Carrellee, Nomenklatür, Blue Doll, Ehrah

Carrellee adapts on the inspired Morning Sun.  Formerly an indie folk darling, the Wisconsin native turned to vintage synths during the pandemic.  40 demos were distilled down to 10 cohesive album tracks with the help of producers Brett Bullion (Low, Poliça, Now Now), Con Davison (Bad Bad Hats) and Huntley Miller (Lizzo, Slyvan Esso).  Unsuprisingly the result has so much in common with those associated acts.  Scale of Dreams drops Nov 18th.  With an underlying theme of divorce and desire, the hype is real.  

Carrellee felt like she needed the aura of dark retro pop to express herself during her period of intense isolation.  Unable to turn to nightclubs or local bars to let loose, she turned to her synths.  The result is incredible.  Morning Sun is a strong single, undeniable in its presentation.  Employing a classic hook and the artists vibrant vocal delivery, Carrellee embraces seductive contrast in how she blends these dark synth vibes with catchy melodic appeal.  We’re syked to dig into Scale of Dreams.  Inspired by Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins, and embracing the synthwave aesthetic, we think Carrellee falls in with classics by Kavinsky, Electric Youth, and College.

Get your first taste with Morning Sun, now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 


Nomenklatür is intoxicating on When The Wind Blows.  Buzzing with violent energy and dark club appeal, the contrast of the sexy serene vocal is exhilirhating.  It’s as if Astrud Gilberto is being featured on a dark electro pop track.  Elegantly mixed, When The Wind Blows hits hard without losing the smoky textures of the lead singers voice.  That singer being the elusive ODGE, who collaborates with the French duo known as Nomenklatür on this instant classic.  

Born out of the 90s rave scene where they honed their DJ skills and pioneered electronic music, Olivier Rossi and Olivier Brucker have been crushing clubs for over two decades.  The new single has breakout potential, with mainstream appeal courtesy of ODGE and her picture perfect lead vocal.  The track should draw immediate love from the darkwave scene, with the sonic appeal of Carpenter Brut and Perturbator.  It’s undeniably more melodically catchy, but still violent enough to capture darkwave fans looking for a little more melody.  

Enjoy When The Wind Blows now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Blue Doll

Blue Doll pushes retro pop forward on their catchy new single Til Death.  Rooted in the classic vibe of the 80s, Blue Doll inject a modern sensibility known to indie pop.  Til Death is snappy, with an inspirational mood that speaks to you.  The vintage vocal bears evidence of The Eurythmics and Kate Bush.  The dark melancholy design also connects with works by Tears For Fears and Duran Duran. 

Those are big names, icons in the world of retro.  It’s not for nothing.  Til Death is authentic, capturing the vibe of that cherished era without imitating it.  Describing themselves as “two friends who feel the same way about making music for the fun and love of it” is a charming sentiment.  It just so happen to be f*cking fire.  And for that we are eternally grateful. 

Dig into Til Death now on our Best New Indie Synthwave Playlist. 


Ehrah further soldifies their status as an elite master in the synthwave genre with the new album Stardust Genesis.    Prescribing to the artistic appeal and classic imagery known to the movement, Ehrah remains true to the aesthetic in light of recent mainstream evolutions. 

Stardust Genesis includes several notable collaborations with artists VENMC, LAU, and Power Rob.  Three artists who share in the community aspect of the genre.  For some, Synthwave is a way of life, and the gatekeepers have grown weary of outsiders.  TWIC believes there’s more room to cover, and encourages artists to push the movement forward.  Sometimes, however, we come across a release that captures that classic vibe in new innovative ways.  We found that with Stardust Genesis. 

What really caught our attention were the songs themselves, specifically the collaborations.  Ehrah incorporate innovative chord movements that push the songs forward.  There is an exciting amount of variation and unpredictability in the melodic design.  An A-list producer with a pedigree for classic sonic presentations, Ehrah is also a great songwriter.  

The whole album slaps.  Checkout Give Me A Sign now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

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