Indie On The Rise – Jenny O. , Véyah, zzzahara, Anni

Jenny O. caught our attention with her new release The Natural World.  A groovy electro punk backbeat suits her swaggery vocal.  Ripe with attitude and a percussive release, the urban cadence recalls Glam icon T Rex, updated in this indie pop package with stylistic jest.  Jenny O. is vintage cool, embellishing her weird in the clever companion video.  Embracing the irony of the songs electro ethos and polarizing lyrics, quick cuts of modern eccentric choreography distort her tight figure in unnatural poses.  All set in a picturesque landscape serving as her personal playground, free to frolic and fret as she pleases.  Her body language is convincing, and refreshingly playful, as if she’s able to revert to her childlike self despite all of adulthoods damaging trivial demands.  

Jenny O. should connect with fans of Sylvan Esso, St Vincent, and Sharon Van Etten.  She casts a wide stylistic net, carving our her own treasured space in the world of indie pop.  

Get caught in The Natural World, now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


Véyah is entrancing on her elegant Almost.  Her sultry delivery is boosted by elite vocal skills and a tasteful affect.  She drips effortless runs and tags her lines with swift precision.  It’s always on brand, never devolving to over indulgence, leaning into the musical vibe instead of making it all about her skills.  

The song itself is a gem.  It jumps with energetic variation and indie pop appeal in the upbeat second section.  Presenting as alternative R&B, it has indie flavor where the pop might be.  It’s as if Sia’ was produced by Phoebe Bridgers.  The style is exhilarating, and offers Véyah widespread appeal in the world of indie.  

Dig into Almost now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


zzzahara has been busy. They just dropped a catchy new single titled Julia.  The hook is infectious, featuring a passionate vocal that rips with the desperation of someone who cares more about it than you do.  zzzahara lets it all hang out, its their trademark and the main element of their appeal.  Slightly sloppy in the spirit of punk, but melodically genius.  There’s a slacker element, but with an inclination towards catchiness lost on the other names known to the genre. 

We hear a similar sentiment in associated projects like The Simps, with whom zzzahara is also a member. We also hear similarities to the vocal works of Childish Gambino and Remi Wolf.  It’s a testament to zzzahara’s true intention, their instinctual talent and sidestreet appeal.  This is the new influence of punk, seeping into the vibe of pop and R&B with authentic flavor, in contempt of the hot topic takeover that ruined punks non-conformist ethos. 

It also just straight slaps.  Get down to Julia now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


Anni is dreamy on the inspiring Guest List.  A cinematic piano exudes Phillip Glass soundtrack vibes.  The artists initial vocal presents as haunting.  She ripples with hurt and vulnerability, as her soft approach yearns like a free spirit trapped in isolation.  It reflects the songs presumptive meaning, as Guest List appears to be dedicated to a lost companion. 

She lifts out of her shell in the emphatic chorus, pulling from every passionate detail of her buried existence.  

The vibe itself painted us pretty, and she seals the sentiment with convincing lyrical poetry.  It accentuates her sneaky genius.  “I will wear your favorite dress.  Does heaven grant a guest list?”  It’s those simple reflections that speak to all of us, it’s exactly what we wanted to say, but we couldn’t find the words, til Anni.

Sad girl vibes connect with recent favorites by Girlhouse and Clairo, with the dreamy affect of Florence Welsh and a vocal design akin to Polica.  

All around exhilirhating, enjoy Guest List now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

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