Music Videos We Love – Favreblind, Nick Noon, SOMNIUM

Best video of the year?  It might be the video for the new single from Farveblind feat Sebastian MontiCrooks nails all the marks.  Its so good it could split off into a feature film based on the videos characters.  

Favreblind – Crooks feat Sebastian Monti

Breaking Bad meets Kill Bill meets American Psycho on this violent horror epic.  Amazing performances and significant contributions from everyone involved.  Peep the credits and show love, their listed under the video on YouTube.  Check it out and tell us we’re wrong.  Crooks is straight FIRE!

Nick Noon – Costumes

Right on brand, period perfect wardrobe design lifts Costumes, the new single and video from Nick Noon.  The modern flare of the cast brings contrast to this sexy fun burguoise party scene.  Its Bridgerton meets Mr Brightside featuring Calvin and Kleins top models.  Slow motion movements and rotating cameras swirl around these high society smoke shows behaving badly.  Its the closed door behind the scenes party of your dreams, where rich kids get to cut loose and let it all hang out.  Implied innuendo and the art of almost keep you hooked.  Costumes is a cool song in its own right.  Paired with this video, its elite! 

Somnium – Isolation Island

SOMNIUM stay weird on their video for Isolation Island.  The psych pop art group  connects well with artists like Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Frankie And The Witch Fingers.  The video matches their psychedelic ethos.  Like a beach side trip gone bad, scenes alternate between introspective long shots of the curious members and cartoon creepy hallucinations.  Trapped in this desert beach dream world, it seems like a good idea to injest some randomly appearing cartoon scorpion.  Why not?!?  You’re already in it, might as well make it memorable.  Dreamy beach freak outs are our jam.  We can dig it! 

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